Gold for Raglan!!

Raglan amongst the medals at the Borough Gymnastics Festival

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On Monday 28th November, Raglan's youngest gymnasts arrived at Southbury Leisure Centre to represent their school for the first time. The Year 2 beginners' team was made up of Tianna, Alisiyana, Jade, Kelly and Alexander.

First up ... floor. This is where the gymnasts perform a carefully prepared sequence to demonstrate flexibility, balance and strength. After a good practise session and a lively warm up, Team Raglan were ready to compete.

Tianna kicked things off with a flowing routine including a forward roll, bunny hops, dish and arch shapes and jumps. Next was Alisiyana - good height on the bunny hops and an altogether excellent routine. Jade and Alexander were very neat throughout and Kelly showed great control - something the judges love!

Now, onto vault ...

Tianna started on vault - where the gymnasts have to perform a bunny hop onto the bench, walk across elegantly and slowly (no wobbles!) and neatly jump off the end onto a mat.

Tianna: Nice neat walk on. Good, high jump with a secure landing.

Alisiyana: Great bunny hop, swift walk into a lovely, neat jump.

Jade: Lovely, tidy bunny hop

Kelly: Neat walking, and saved herself from falling on landing - great recovery!

Alexander: Precise and another secure landing.

A brilliant performance all round. Well done Raglan, great job!

The next day we were back at Southbury, this time for the Year 3 & 4 team of Daisy, Petra, Mikey, Leona and Tarandeep. After another energetic warm up and practise session, the gymnasts were ready in their blue leotards to do Raglan proud!

As they were starting on a 'rest' rotation, they had time to gather their thoughts. This was going to be a great competition - they were motivated, focused and nothing was going to stop them!

Starting on vault was Daisy, who performed a solid vault with a good landing. On this piece of apparatus the gymnasts have to run up to a spring-board, perform a tuck jump off and land with control and no wobbles. Following Daisy was Petra, who did a really neat and graceful vault. Mikey's landings were fantastic, and Leona and Tarandeep also performed great vaults. Well done Raglan!

The next piece was floor, and once again Daisy kicked us off. She performed a beautiful routine with neat skills. Petra followed on and was graceful and confident. Mikey then performed a very controlled routine, with Leona following on with a nice touch of individuality at the end. Tarandeep had straight legs throughout his solid routine. Well done!

Overall a great competition, with Raglan finishing in a superb 4th place - just missing out on a podium spot!

On Wednesday, the Raglan Gymnasts travelled to Edmonton leisure centre.  The open performed first.  They started off on floor, with the whole team doing a magnificent job.The judges were clearly very impressed.   We then moved onto vault.  Unfortunately marks were lost as a couple of gymnasts touched the vault with their feet.  Raglan then moved back onto floor for another solid set of routines before heading back to the vault for their final time. 

 A much better performance this time as they cleared the vault every time.   The team waited with baited breath for the results to come through…… Silver for Raglan!  The team came secured a fantastic 2nd place in the competition.   The awards weren't over yet though, as Erin won gold in for her individual performance.   Well done Erin!!


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