Raglan's athletes travel to Lee Valley Athletic Centre.

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On Friday 9th December, children from Years 3-5 went to the Lee Valley Athletic Centre to take part in a Panathlon. Sadly though, Raglan didn’t win, but that didn’t dampen our participants’ spirits one bit. Raglan really enjoyed their time there and had fun taking part in all of the activities and would definitely want to go back again!


The first game we played was curling! Curling is quite simple - it all depends on how much pressure you put on the stones when sliding them! First, you kneel down behind two cones and take one of the stones and slide! In this game you can get up to five points, you get a point when you slide your stone on to a mat that is has been split into five parts numbered 1-5.  If your stone lands on the 5 (the part of the mat that is furthest away because it is worth the most points).  If it slides off the mat, you don’t get a point.

Messi Football Skills

The next activity was Messi Football Skills. You start off behind two cones and then begin to dribble to another set of cones keeping the ball under control as you do it, stopping the ball in between the two cones, and there in front is a goal and a goal keeper. From the position you are in, you have to shoot into the goal. Every time you score a goal you gain one point. All the Raglan participants were trying their best and having fun.

Basketball Shots

This is quite simple - you shoot a basketball into the basket.  There are two different baskets and two different lanes - one basket in each lanes. The lane with the basket the furthest back is worth two points if you shoot into the basket, the one with the basket nearest is worth one point, but the net is smaller, making both of them hard to score!

Precision Bean Bag

In this game there are multiple numbers on a mat, ranging from 1-12. You get five bean bags and that means five turns each. You have to throw the bean bags on to the numbers and each number your bean bag lands on will get totalled up. If your bean bags lands on a number that you have already landed on, that number will not count.  You also do not receive points if your bean bag lands off the mat or slide onto another number on the mat, these points to do not count!  Raglans’ overall score was 49.

Lilly Pads

Lilly Pads is long jump. You have to bend your knees, feet together as you land, swing your arms when you take off… and jump!  Raglan participants ran and jumped into the sand pit, the monitor measured how far they jumped.  Raglan really had fun in this activity.


In Boccia, you take a ball and sit in the middle of the bench and throw your ball or roll it into one of the three coloured hoops. The first hoop, the red hoop, scores you one point, the second hoop, the blue hoop, scores you two points and the third hoop, the yellow hoop, gives you three points.

Flight Path

There are four different hoops of four different colours, red, yellow, green, and blue. There is one ball in each hoop (in the yellow hoop would be a yellow ball, that would be the same for all the other hoops).  In this game to score points you have to stand in one of the four hoops, take the ball and throw it at the part of the target with that colour on it. Every time you do that, you gain one point.

Parachute Popcorn

You hold the parachute and begin shaking it up and down. Then lots of small, plastic balls will be thrown on to the parachute. All the balls go flying all over the place and the monitor will time you to see how fast you can retrieve and deposit them into a pot.

Table Top Cricket

One person will be the batsman and one person will be the bowler. They will stand on opposite sides of the table. The bowler will place the ball on a slope and slide it down. The batsman will then hit the ball and try to aim towards a number to score a point. A number will be in a green space in between two white cards. If the batsman hits a white card, they don’t get a point.

Goal Ball

First everyone puts on a blindfold and is given a ball with a couple of bells in it. One person is a goal keeper. One person then rolls their ball forward and tries to score a goal. The goal keeper, who is also blindfolded, has to try and save the goal. The people trying to score are blindfolded too.  Basically, you have to listen for the ball!  Really good fun!

Eastfield School won the overall tournament with 80 points.


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