Djembe Concert- Journalist Review

We have had our first concert of the year and I welcome our new journalists to give their take on the performance


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Yr2 West African Drumming Concert

Booming melodiously,the children began banging the drums that spawned a loud rumble. It grew louder and louder as the instructor banged it powerfully.



After their amazing introduction,the children began singing a song called ‘Cuckoo’. They sang it beautifully,then began banging the drums in perfect sync,that echoed in the hall followed by a round of applause.


The instructor beat the drum thunderously,which signalled a time for improvisation,the children then took turns to extemporise their own beats on the drums,which were outstanding. I watched in awe as they hit the drum skillfully.


They then began singing ‘Cuckoo’ again,in perfect time,followed, by a giant bang and,again, a loud applause from the parents.



After their song they began a PolyRhythm-which was playing two parts at once-nailing it awesomely. It grew louder each round was played until finally- BANG! They finished with a great bang.


The Grand Finale

To finish their amazing work,they all played at the same time constructing a loud rumble that went quieter until they all whacked the drum and made a loud noise-BANG!!! The parents clapped and clapped.

By Anokye Osew

Music Journalist.



Yr2 West African Drumming Concert

On the 12th October there was an amazing drum concert held by Year 3. They were helped by a kind drum teacher.

First the teacher gave rhythms and the Year 3s played back beautifully.

The next difficult part was that they needed to play a polyrhythm which is a complex piece of 2 groups doing different things at the same time. Although it was hard, they managed it perfectly.

Next all the Year 3s answered confidently to questions that the teacher asked, such as "What country did drums come from?"

The children answered - their replies were " Ghana!"

Then, they clapped back rhythms that the teacher clapped without a mistake. They also made different sounds with their drums.

Then the children sang a foreign song and did al sorts of tricky patterns. It was excellent!

The children did it without hesitation and with concentration.

They learnt to improvise rhythms and all end on the same beat.

They tried different notes and sounds and softness and loudness (Sometimes they were a bit harsh with their drums).

Everyone blended in with the sound and amazingly ended their piece at the same time.

Well done Year 3!

By Hannah Bennett

Music Journalist.