Raglan Ravens kick-start the year’s first tournament with a victory.

  Raglan I vs Hazelwood

Both teams started the game looking enthusiastic, strong and energetic. Raglan’s Finlay made some good tackles and there were some good blocks by Alfie. However, Hazelwood appeared to have more control of the match, advancing with the ball regularly towards the Raglan goal. There was lots of passing and dribbling from the other team, who demonstrated good tactics; but with good defensive awareness by Sam, Raglan were able to prevent any goals. A few minutes in and the score was still 0-0, however, before half time, Raglan’s Asare scored a great goal, narrowly missed by Hazelwood’s keeper, bringing the score at half time to 1-0 to Raglan. As both teams commenced the second half, Hazelwood were clearly keen to equalize but Raglan continued to defend well and block any opportunities for them to score. Kyrian from Raglan was showing great determination to score and one attempt lead to an amazing save from Hazelwood’s keeper. As the whistle blew at full time, Raglan were relieved to have held their 1 – 0 lead.

Raglan I vs Eversley

Both teams are looking vigorous at kick off with confident, assertive expressions. Asare from Raglan stood out with some good passes that led to some good dribbling by Raglan’s Arda, resulting in a shot that was heading to the top corner, but saved by their keeper. Eversley then took possession of the ball, dribbling it down the pitch, resulting in a lovely shot fwhich cleared the goalkeeper’s hands, slamming into the net. When the whistle blew at half time the score remained  1-0 to Eversley who had clearly been the stronger side. The coaches gave a pep talk and both teams got ready for the second half. The whistle blew and both teams returned looking stronger and more determined; however, Eversley once again showed some cool skills and quickly got possession of the ball. Various players from Raglan showed good teamwork and with a pass to Asare he  slammed in an equalizing goal. With the score now at 1 -1 and only minutes remaining, Kyrian from Raglan made a good tackle but it just wasn't strong enough and the other team made their way up the pitch to score their second goal. The final whistle was imminent so Raglan had moments left to equalize. Finlay, as usual, was showing good strength all around the pitch, but it was Lucas who finally got the ball, quickly dribbling it up the field towards the Eversley goal. He booted it hard and scored an amazing goal with only seconds left in the game.  At full time the score was 2 – 2.

Raglan Ravens II v Eversley Primary

At the beginning of the training session both teams managers spoke to their team players. The Ravens team coach told his team to play their very best! The whistle was blown and the match kicked off with an Eversley kick off and both teams had started to battle.Throughout the first half Ravens had been dominating possession, the defence, James and Dhiaan, had been spectacular; with clearances, slide tackles and the best off all was the flying headers.The Ravens had been the better side during the first half and L’kai had a chance but unfortunately missed!  The referee blew his whistle (unlike some other referee’s who forget their whistles) and the Ravens had come back exhausted.

A substitution was made between Keon and Jeffrey, the referee had blown his whistle and the second half began. Keon had possession of the ball and passed it to Cagan,who played footsie for sometime with the ball, then he passed it to L’Kai, who was in the right position. A one on one had happened between our striker, L’kai, and Eversley’s goalkeeper. This was L’kai’s golden opportunity and he blasted the ball into the net! GOAL! 1-0 Raglan Ravens! From nowhere, the Eversley players had found an extra boost of energy, they were forced to play to their limits.Eversley, had to get a goal and  quickly to keep up team morale, fortunately they got the goal they were searching for, like the cat that got the cream, 1-1! Raglan Raven’s were disappointed, because the team had played their very best and after that goal the referee,quickly, blew his whistle and followed by laughter off joy from Eversley and Ravens with a point,which could potentially be the toughest team they will face this season and the Eversley pinched two points away from the Ravens! 1-1!


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