Rattlesnakes Battle to Victory

As Raglan had won their last match, the pressure was on with this game to continue the winning streak. Raglan headed into the match positively. As the whistle blew raglan came immediately close to taking an early lead with Charlie hitting the ball just over the crossbar. Raglan continued to push on with their attack, with three goal chances; unfortunately none made it to the net. Towards the end of the first half, Hadley Wood switched the pressure onto Raglan but goalkeeper Freddy didn`t let their attempts pass the goal line. A great cross from Fionn landed perfectly into the box and Oliver was there immediately to tap it in taking Raglan into a 1-0 lead at half time. Kicking off the second half, Fionn was brought down by the opposition, earning a free kick which landed just wide of the goal. Freddy stepped up once again making a great save which stopped any chances of Hadley Wood equalizing. With Raglan keeping the majority of possession for the second half, Hadley Wood’s defence definitely felt the pressure. A fabulous shot from Rayan was bravely saved by their goalkeeper, and a further attempt from Charlie kept him on his toes until the whistle blew. Raglan maintain their winning streak and the team celebrate. Man of the match is jointly deserved by Freddy and Rayan; both made great efforts and did the team proud.

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