Raglan Rattlesnakes Rattle Their Way to Another Win!

Raglan vs Salcombe cup match

As the match commenced, Salcombe’s team looked particularly good, however, Raglan were looking stronger. It started with Raglan wanting the ball a lot more and demonstrating a broad range of skills. Peter from Raglan was showing great determination, tackling hard and frequently getting the ball; but overall, despite their efforts, Raglan didn’t get any real chances to score, due to the fact the other team were equally as good, holding on to the ball well. Raglan were not giving up, especially Charlie and Oliver who made some amazing tackles. They tried really hard but couldn’t prevent Salcombe getting a free kick. Salcombe shot and scored an amazing goal that only just missed the keeper’s hands. Seven minutes in and with the score 1-0 to Salcombe, Raglan realised they needed to up their game. They dribbled the ball up the pitch, with a swift pass to Charlie who scored a superb, equalising goal. 

Raglan were gaining confidence and strength now and were hungry for the ball. Zach, from raglan, showed persistent determination which helped Charlie score a second goal. With half time approaching and the score at 2-1 to Raglan, Salcombe knew they had to pull it back around, so they made an extra effort to try and score a goal but their attempt was saved brilliantly by Archie, Raglan’s goalkeeper. The first half had come to an end with the score at 2-1 to Raglan.

Second Half

The score by half time was 2-1 Raglan Rattlesnakes were winning. The first half was impressive but could they keep up their leadlead? 2 minutes after the game had started Zach (team captain) tried to score but missed by a millimeter. A few minutes later, Charlie (striker) had scored making the score 3-1. As the game progressed the passes and blocks kept getting better from both teams. But Raglan Rattlesnakes pushed that little bit harder. Charlie tried to header the ball into the goal sadly though the goalkeeper was too fast and the ball was caught. Raglan Rattlesnakes still determined to score and did after  Charlie completed his hattrick to make the score 4-1. Could Raglan Rattlesnakes score anymore goals?

1 minute the ball was brilliantly crossed into the box by Zac. The Salcombe defender was so desperate to win the ball that he kicked the ball into his own net. The score was now 5-1 with only 3 minutes remaining. Salcombe’s number 10 who had already scored an amazing goal in first half dribbled round 3 players before being brought down in the box. Penalty! The same player stepped up and blasted the ball straight into the top corner. 5-2. Moments later the referee awarded Salcombe another penalty for handball in the penalty area. The same player stepped up, but this time Archie made an incredible save to secure a 5-2 victory for the Rattlesnakes.

The Rattlesnakes had done They had made Raglan proud and there were cheers all round. Three cheers for Salconbe! Hip hip HURRAY Hip hip HURRAY and one for luck Hip hip HURRAY! The men of the match were Charlie and Zach (striker and team captain) for such good performance.

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