Roosters on a Roll

It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon, the Raglan football team; Roosters, were about to play in their first ever Tournament at Edmonton County Powerleague. The team arrived in high spirits, ready to face their opponents. A big challenge lay in front of them they had six tough games to play. The team members were in a upbeat, positive mood and had started doing warm ups the moment they arrived. Every team taking part would be expected to play their opponents, once, during a 7 minute match.

Raglan Roosters V Starkfield 0-0

Roosters first ever match had started with their opponents, Starkfield, kicking off. However the Rooster’s bravely tackled and won possession of the ball but unfortunately were unable to score a goal. There were many strong tackles made in the first half as well as the second half by both teams but they were unable to convert any of their chances into goals. Some notable defending worth mentioning was made by the Rooster’s defender; Finley, who successfully blocked their opponents from scoring. Raglan’s Roosters had forced the opposition to take two throw ins. On one occasion Starkfield valiantly made their way through the Rooster’s defence but were blocked by Rooster’s goalkeeper, Lorenzo, who stood between the striker and the goal. The defence was able to clear the ball. The final whistle blew, the score 0-0, both teams shook hands and the Raglan Rooster’s left the pitch pleased, it was a good opening match.

Raglan Roosters V Capel Manor 0-4

The Roosters played Capel Manor next, a team who are known for being very tough on the pitch! The match had started with Capel Manor kicking off. There was  a shot on target bravely saved, by Arthur, Roosters goalkeeper. The next chance during the match was created by a Capel Manor corner. The corner was quickly taken by the opponents midfielder. Raglan Roosters were totally caught off guard by Capel Manor’s players, who incidentally plays for Tottenham U11. A chance occurred from long range and luckily for the opponents the ball had landed near their attacker, who was on target….GOAL!! 1-0, Capel Manor were in front. The match had now reset from the centre.  Kick-off by the Roosters, with a pass by L’kai to Harry.R and the game played on. However Capel Manor were able to retrieve the ball back, and instantly shot, Arthur dived fearlessly and got a touch on the ball pushing it wide and luckily for the Roosters defence they cleared the ball after a poor corner. A throw in was given to Capel Manor they didn’t hesitate and went marching up to take a shot, they got passed Arthur GOAL making it 2-0. Raglan Roosters made some substitutions but in the last 2 minutes Capel Manor scored 2 further goals  and Roosters defence was obliterated, the match ended with Capel Manor winning by 0-4. It was a very impressive win but a painful game to watch being a Raglan spectator.

Galliard V Raglan Roosters 0-1

The Roosters were not going to let defeat ruin their high spirits though. They were about to play Galliard football team, it was their second to final match of the day. The Roosters were hoping to turnaround their losing streak by winning against Galliard football team. The match started with a Roosters kick off. Galliard Midfielder took control of the ball they were looking for an opportunity to score. The Roosters were currently struggling to keep the ball out of their own half and they gave away a corner by blocking a shot. The ball went through the air, with Rooster’s defence holding their breaths, luckily the ball was cleared to L’kai who had loads of space and passed the ball to Harry.   It was as though the match was being played in slow motion, Harry just needed to place the ball into a corner and he did that perfectly. GOAL!!! The Roosters were leading with a 1-0 win. The Referee blew his whistle and the Roosters celebrated, it was truly a tear jerking moment!

East Field V Raglan Roosters 0-0

This was the Roosters final match of the day and all the players wanted to do was finish with a win. They had thoroughly enjoyed their day out & I had enjoyed watching. Their opponents were Eastfield who were challenging side they were hoping for their 3rd clean sheet in this tournament. The match was tough Eastfield, in red, played very well but shots were stopped and their clean sheet was coming closer and closer every minute...when...the Roosters defence had failed and Eastfield tried to score. The goalie,Lorenzo, had to make a 1 on 1 save and just managed to get his fingertip on the ball pushing it wide and that was the last of the games. Phew, what a relief.

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