Rebels Compete at Power League!

On Friday the 13th of October raglans girls football team(rebels) went to Edmonton County Power League to play a tournament in football. For those who don’t know what a tournament is, it's a series of football matches played against fellow primary schools. Each match last for roughly 10 minutes 7 people on the pitch (including goalkeeper) To find out how Raglan did keep reading.

Raglan vs St Michael’s primary school

Two very eager teams kicked off the match, St Michael's taking control of the ball. A strong start and a potential goal by the opposing team. An effortless save by goalkeeper Scarlett. Raglan began to come out of formation and due to this St Michael’s scored with their best player who was raglans main opponent. With 3 minutes left of the game the raglan girls needed to step it up a level. St Michael's were gliding across the pitch and were just stopped by a brave sliding tackle from Zoe. St Michael’s took possession of the ball and only just score another goal leaving the scores 2-0 St Michael’s in the lead. Ava takes ownership of the ball and takes a nice shot that gets just saved by st Michael’s goalkeeper. St Michaels take once again an extremely close shot saved by our goalkeeper. Despite Raglan’s best efforts St Michael’s take it winning 2-0.

Raglan vs St John’s Primary School

As the match kicks off the opposing team immediately take control of the ball. Even though the match had only lasted a few minutes St John’s had already scored. They didn’t seem a threat at first as they were smaller in size but Raglan were quickly proved wrong. An extremely close shot just saved buy the keeper; Scarlett. With only a small fraction of the match left Raglan needed to score a goal.As the whistle is blown Ava takes a fearless shot that just hits the crossbar. St John’s only just won the match 1-0.

Raglan vs Oasis Academy

Oasis academy begin the match, the ball not coming out of their sight. As a player from the opposite team shoots a risky overhead kick,Amara gains possession of the ball again with a skillful header. Ava gets the ball and goes in for a goal but just misses. Raglan are beginning to lose formation once again but it’s soon recovered when Zoe goes in for a tackle followed by a spectacular goal by Ava. The score are 1-0 Raglan in the lead. Come on Raglan! Amara goes for a phenomenal tackle Thetoulla dribbles the ball passes to Ava who’s completely set up for a perfect goal. A really close shot that is just saved by oasis’ goalkeeper. Just as the whistle blows Scarlett saves a very close shot.

At the end of the day Raglan came 3rd altogether. Looks like Friday the 13th isn’t quite so unlucky for the girls. Good job Raglan!

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