10 Of The Best For Raglan!

The match was the Raglan Robins vs St Edmund’s Primary. The date is 16th October.  With only 10 minutes a side anyone could win. The game started, St Edmund’s Primary were a very strong team but the Robins won the toss. In the first 5 minutes St Edmund’s Primary’s Goal Shooter (GS) had scored making the score 1-0. The next center pass was a very strong one. Then suddenly the Robins made a brilliant tackle by the Wing Defence (WD). Now the ball was in the hands of Raglan’s Center. With one very quick pass the center had passed the ball to Raglans Goal Shooter (GS) and goal raglan had scored.

By halftime the score was 3-1 Raglan, but could they keep this lead? Now the other team knew the Robins strategy and they had a little huddle they were ready to carry on the second half.

The second half had now started everyone now a little tired but they all came back strong. In the first 2 minutes Raglan had scored again. It was the St Edmund’s center pass with two Raglan girls trying to make sure the tall girls from St Edmund’s Primary don’t get the ball. It was a tricky task but the two Raglan girls pulled it off. The match was nearly do with only 3 minutes left and the score was 8-1. Could the score go any higher? Unfortunately, for St Edmund’s Primary the Robins weren’t finished yet. The Robins goal shooter had just scored another goal. 1 minute remaining Raglan was determined to make the score 10-1. The Robin’s goal attack, goal shooter and center came together for one last push and goal. The whistle went, with the game was over ending 10-1. What a finish by Raglan everyone shook hands including the 3 cheers for St Edmund’s

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