A fantastic team performance sees the Rattlesnakes storm to victory in their group, but fall just short in the Semi Final.

Sports Journalists:  Kayla and Alfie


A fantastic team performance sees the Rattlesnakes storm to victory in their group, but fall just short in the Semi Final.

On Friday 14th October, Raglan’s Rattlesnakes went to The Power League at Edmonton County to take part in a football tournament. All matches were seven minutes long with the winners of each group making into the semi finals.   Raglan’s group contained the likes of Galliard, Capel Manor, Bush Hill Park, St Monicas and Houndsfield. Check out the Rattlesnakes previous match reports against Firs Farm and Highfield here.

The Rattlesnakes team consisted of: Leo (GK), Freddie (GK), Rapheal, Zach, Alfie (C) James, Jonathon, Alex, Kevin, David, Andrew.

In their first match, they faced a very strong Galliard side. In the early moments, Galliard were keeping possession and before long were in on goal, but a great save by Freddie who flung himself across the goal and plucked the ball out of the top right corner stopped them scoring. Immediately, Raglan attacked, but Galliard were defending well. Galliard get the ball off Raglan and were now attacking. FOUL! Free kick to Galliard, they shot, but another Freddie made another great save. Galliard managed to get the ball back but luckily they shot wide!   Galliard were all over Raglan and only a series of incredible tackles, blocks and saves were keeping the Rattlesnakes on level terms.   As the match was coming to a close there was a real chance for the Rattlesnakes,  Alex ran into the area,  and he was bundled to floor….. PENALTY!   Alfie took the penalty… straight down the middle… GOAL!! 1-0 to the Rattlesnakes!  Galliard tried to equalise but Raglan continued to defend superbly. Then, the final whistle blew. Raglan won! The team were over the moon!

Player of the Match - Kevin

The second match was against the Capel Manor.  Raphael kicked off for the Rattlesnakes. Manor soon had a free kick.  The Rattlesnakes’ wall does its job and the goes wide of the target. Soon after, Raglan had a free kick, team captain Alfie took the kick and scored in the bottom left corner of the goal. That made the score 1-0 to the Rattlesnakes! The ball was soon kicked out by Manor again.  It was a fast paced, end to end match. In dying moments Leo made a fantastic, brave save at the feet of the Manor striker.   However moments later Capel manor’s number 8 intercepts the ball on the halfway and blasts the ball into the goal off the post.   The game finished 1-1.

Player of the Match - Jonathon

Their third match was against Houndsfield. Raglan kicked off, and dominated possesion early on.  before long The Rattlesnakes had a chance, but the shot was wide….. a golden opportunity squandered! A goal kick from Houndsfield, but Raglan quickly got the ball. Houndsfield were moving forward, but lost the ball. Freddie quickly passed to Alex who ran towards the goal. He shot and HE SCORED!!! 1-0 to the Rattlesnakes! Raglan were playing well, then Alex scored again!!! 2-0! The final score was 2-0.

Player of the Match: Alex

In the fourth match of the group stage,  Raglan came up against Bush Hill Park and the Rattlesnakes gave a fantastic performance.   The Rattlesnakes really stepped up their game and within the first couple of minutes they scored, making it 1-0 to Raglan.  Raglan had possession of the ball for much of the match – and definitely had more chances to score goals - David tried to score another goal but sadly missed.  Andrew was extremely close to scoring but just hit the post. Bush Hill Park tried to score but Leo got rid of the ball by kicking it all the way across the pitch. Alex raced towards it and shot target, making it 2-0 to us! Moments later James passed to Kevin who then kicked the ball out. Leo saved a goal, and once again Alex scores another fantastic goal just as the game ends! The final score for this match was 3-0 to The Rattlesnakes!

Player of the Match: Andrew

In their final match of the group stage against St. Monica, Raglan knew that only a win would guarantee qualification to the Semi Finals. St. Monica kicked off and were passing nicely, but Raglan quickly got the ball off them. Raglan broke away quickly but couldn’t get their shot on target.. The Rattlesnakes were pushing forward and getting close to the goal. David had a shot ricochet of the post. St. Monica had their own chances, hitting the post from a corner and Freddie making a great save. St. Monica continued to push forward but Kevin made some excellent clearances it out. St. Monica had another shot, but it hit the post.  Then Raglan pushed forward but St. Monica cleared it. Both defences were playing well. Raglan were attacking again, Raphael collected the ball smoothly, he ran forward but again St. Monica cleared it.  Finally in the dying moments It was passed to Alex. He shot and he SCORED!! 1-0 to the Rattlesnakes! St. Monica had one last attack, they were closing in on the goal, but Freddie came forward and kicked the ball away. Another good save! Raglan were through to the Semi-Final!

Player of the match - Raphael

The Rattlesnakes came up against Cuckoo Hall in the Semi-Final. Hall got the first kick, they instantly go for a goal but David blocked it.  Cuckoo were dominating possession and got a free kick on the edge of the area but team captain Alfie made a brave block.  Jonathan  Despite battling bravely, Cuckoo Hall’s strong players were making it very difficult for The Rattlesnake’s to get out of their half.  Heart breakingly, with only minutes left in the game,  Cuckoo Hall broke through the Raglan defence and slotted home a winner to send raglan crashing out of the competition.

Player of the Match - Alex

The Raglan Sports News team caught up with some of the players afterwards to get their thoughts on how the tournament had gone.

Q: What did you think of the tournament?

Kevin: Good,  we defended really well as a team throughout

Q: How did you think you played?

Raphael: I think we played very well, we dominated a lot of the games which was great

Q: How did you feel when you assisted Alex in the final game of the group stage?

Raphael: Yeah, It felt good, but I was mostly happy because we won.

Q: How do you think you played?

Alex: I think I played well. I scored a lot of goals and I scored the winner to get through the group stage which was great.


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