Houndsfield Rattled by the 'Snakes

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It may have been a gloomy November afternoon but that didn't dampen the spirits of Raglan’s Rattlesnakes as they headed to face their opponents, Houndsfield.

Playing was -Leo (GK), Alfie (captain), James, Andrew, Alex, Raphael, Zach, Kevin, David and Jonathan.

Raglan kicked off in their familiar blue and white kit and immediately started to dominate the game. Great build up play led to an early chance for Alex who's low shot went just wide. Swiftly following that effort, a Houndsfield defender was dispossessed by Alfie, who then shot well, but it was saved by their goalkeeper.  

However, it wasn't long before the Rattlesnakes took the lead with a cracking shot from Raphael, which nestled into the top corner. 1-0 to the Rattlesnakes! Soon after some neat passing resulted in an opening for James, but he unfortunately guided his shot wide of the post.  

Raglan doubled their lead with the first of two great goals from Alfie. 2-0!  Houndsfield's first chance of the game came from a free kick, which was brilliantly saved by Leo to keep their clean sheet intact. Mr Bonner then made his first of a few tactical substitutions, replacing Raphael with Andrew, and it wasn't long before he extended the visitors lead to 3-0. There was just enough time for Leo to make one final save, leading right into halftime.

Houndsfield kicked off the second half, but Raglan quickly got the ball off them and won a corner. Andrew kicked the ball straight into the keeper’s arms! Goal kick for Houndsfield, but Raglan won the ball back immediately. Great skills from Andrew but he was overwhelmed and got tackled.

Shortly after, Alfie got the ball and pushed forward, he shot, and HE SCORED!! 4-0 to Raglan. Houndsfield weren’t giving up though, and tried to push past Raglan’s defence, but The Rattlesnakes cleared the danger, which stopped Houndsfield from doing any more damage. Alfie intercepted a corner and created real chance for Raglan, but Houndsfield stood firm and stopped Alfie from scoring. Houndsfield tried to attack, but Raglan’s defence was too strong and it was a goal kick. Both teams had chances but the score remained 4-0, until Raphael got the ball and ran forward. His shot was saved by the goalkeeper, but from the resulting corner James headed the ball into the back of the top lefthand corner!! 5-0 to Raglan!! Their heads were high, and another fantastic win for the Rattlesnakes.

Man of the match: Alfie and Raphael


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