Rattlesnakes Are Triumphant Once More!

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On Wednesday 22nd of February, the Rattlesnakes were up against Oakthorpe Primary School. The match was played on the Raglan field. In our team, we had Jonathan, Leo(GK), James, Alex, Alfie(Captain), David, Zach, Raphael and Sean.

Raglan took kick off. They took control of the game very quickly. Raglan got a throw on but lost it for a throw on for the other team. After a scrappy first few minutes, Alex made a fantastic run through Oakthorpe’s defenders and scored a fantastic goal to make it 1-0 to Raglan. A moment later, the opposition get a free kick, but their shot went over the crossbar. Raphael and Alfie followed with their own shots moments later but missed by a whisker. James almost scored with his first touch after coming on as a substitute but his shot went narrowly wide. In an evenly contested match, the Rattlesnakes were limiting Oakthorpe to shots from distance that Leo’s safe hands had no problem dealing with. With only five minutes left, the Raglan counter attack squad broke away again and once again Alex provided a composed finish to give the Rattlesnakes a two goal cussion Desperate for a goal, Oakthorpe got two shots before half time but couldn’t find the net. 2-0 to the Rattlesnakes at half time.

As the second half begun, Raglan were playing much better than Oakthorpe. Raglan were dominating the half in no time. One of the Oakthorpe players got fouled. Alfie went for the spectacular but the shot flew over the crossbar. Later on, Alfie took another free kick and it deflected of an Oakthorpe player. With Oakthorpe started to tire, Raphael made a fantastic cross to Alex and who completed his hattrick beautifully to make it 3-0 to Raglan. Alex then again made a spectacular shot to make it 4-0 before coming off to a standing ovation.

4-0 the game finished with the Rattlesnakes heading into the next round of the cup.

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