Rattlesnakes Crowned Fursman Cup Champions!

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On the 22nd of may, the Raglan Rattlesnakes travelled to Edmonton County Secondary, to compete in the final of the Fursman Cup. The opposing team- Brimsdown Primary- had  a strong team, so it was bound to be a very close game. Resulting in one squad leaving the tournament empty-handed, but which team would it be?

With an extra-long game ahead, the team got into their positions and started the match. Already, it seemed Raglan were focusing on passing and counter attacks. Leo- one of the best goalkeepers in the school and goalie for today- had made great saves and was reading the game well. It was not only him though, David and Jonathan were defending superbly, making astounding passes to Alex and Sean. Soon, there was an opportunity for the snakes to go one nil up. Zach had played a great pass to Alex, who had miscontrolled to ball and hit it towards the goalie. Surprisingly, the Brimsdown number 1 had also misread the ball, letting it roll into the goal. To his good fortune, he had just got to the ball before it rolled over the line; Alex questioned the referee for the controversial decision of no-goal. Another chance sprung up before the half-time whistle, it was Alex again who made the run, passing the ball to Alfie Hemington( the captain of the squad) he took a powerful shot but to his disappointment, his shot flew past the top left corner.

Half-time was called, and the two teams switched ends. Both teams were playing well and with defence and attacking cancelling each other out, hence why neither of the teams had scored yet. After having a couple of minutes to have a team talk, the match began again. Straight into the match, Jonathon was playing great. Brimsdown tried scoring a goal, but missed luckily (in our eyes it was lucky at least!). As soon as the ball was back in play, Raglan went to score but missed only narrowly. Seeing as it was the second half of the match, and Brimsdown were doing their very best to win, they tried scoring again. Leo saved the ball and cleared it. The ball went out many times, but there ended up being a free kick for Brimsdown. Raglan made a wall and the ball went over them and missed. Raglan were playing excellently and keeping up an iron defence. James  missed a goal. He was so close too! The ball was thrown on by Jonathon and David who and raced towards the goal, but sadly missed. Leo, who was in goal and was saving every shot that came his way!

Brimsdown got another free kick and Raglan ‘rebuilt’ the wall. The ball hit one of the players backs and the game continued. Raglan cleared the ball from our side of the pitch. Another free kick for Brimsdown - Raphael G (one of the players in the wall) jumped up and hit the ball with his back. Now- a free kick for Raglan. Sean took it, but missed - he was so close to scoring! Time was up and the final score was 0-0 - it had to go to penalties.  

Now, it went to penalties; 5 each way. First to step up, was Brimsdown, scoring bottom corner. Next was Sean, powering the ball into left side,1:1. Brimsdown scored their next penalty, launching the ball into the top right. After that was David, who unluckily mis-kicked the ball and sent it to the goalie. Brimsdown scored another penalty, worrying the whole squad.  Alfie stood up for the penalty and scored a great spot kick, making the sores currently 3:2. Leo, knowing he had to save the shot, got on his line and made a save professionals dream of. Now it rested on the penalty takers to score, Brimsdown scoring their first and Raglan the same. Now Brimsdown had their keeper taking, unfortunately for him, his shot flew wide. Making the score 4:4, now it literally rested on James’ shoulders. He took the shot... GOAL!!! cheers could be heard as the boys celebrated their very close victory. 

Man Of The Match: Leo

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