In Science, we intend to inspire pupils with a curiosity and fascination about the world around them. Using disciplinary knowledge to support and reinforce the learning of substantive knowledge. In order to help them express their new knowledge and skills in Science, we will develop their scientific language so that children can express themselves with clarity. Furthermore, children will be able to discuss their methods, raise questions and discuss the efficacy of their experiments - suggesting alternative methods. 

The curriculum will present an appropriate challenge for the children at their age and motivate them to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data whilst enhancing their practical skills of scientific enquiry.


Our vibrant and rich curriculum is designed so that disciplinary knowledge supports the learning of substantive knowledge. It ensures that progression and balance is maintained through careful sequencing and recall to previous learning, the overview is broken into a long term plan (and progression documents in disciplinary knowledge, substantive knowledge and vocabulary) to ensure clear sequencing, a medium term plan to ensure national curriculum coverage and short term plans. The short term plans include:

The use of booklets to supplement the learning, in KS2, encourages the children to read about the subject, learning its history and where concepts originated. Through the use of frequent experiments, children are able to develop their disciplinary knowledge - building on the skills already developed.

Furthermore, the children are taught about a wide variety of scientists from different ethnicities, genders, religions etc, to develop their understanding of a diverse world.  

Teachers adapt topics, knowledge retrieval, knowledge organisers and lessons to address the specific individual needs of pupils so that all pupils are able to reach their full potential regardless of their starting point.

Curriculum Enrichment

Long term Plan

Long Term Planning Science 2022 - 2023

Medium Term Planning

Medium Term Planning 2022-2023