Parent Handbook Update

Looking ahead to September 2019

As we approach the end of the academic year, we have updated the Parent Handbook for 2019/20. You can download and read the new version at the bottom of the page. 

Before the Summer break, we would like to make parents aware of a few things including a few changes of policy.

Bank Holiday (May 2020)

The government have recently announced a change to the May Day Bank Holiday for 2020. We have already published our term dates, however, we will be obliged to change the date in line with the law. Therefore the new Bank Holiday date will be Friday 8th May 2020 (not Monday 4th). 


You will probably be aware that we don’t have any cloakrooms, this is historic as they were removed to create extra group spaces. Each child has a box (a bit like having a locker) to store their belongings. 

There is no room for a sports bag nor bags with multiple furry key rings attached. Pupils only need to bring something for their reading book and any homework (book bag ideal) and a drawstring bag for their PE kit, which can stay at school. Keep it minimal and small.


Raglan encourages its pupils to be active but the school uniform policy does not generally support this. A change to the uniform policy will allow plain (unbranded) black trainers as well as black shoes. This may suit the more active pupil. Please note that branded (eg. Adidas, Nike etc) are not allowed.


We provide all the resources pupils need so pencil cases etc are not required at school. This has been previously left up to each teacher, but is now a school-wide policy. Occasionally pencil cases may be brought in for a creative golden time activity on a Friday.  


Whilst analogue watches are good for pupils to use and improve their ability with time, they are for some children, just one more thing to get damaged or lost. Any expensive items such as Fitbits are not allowed.

Mobile Phones

The school is considering a change to the mobile phone policy and ideas are to be sent out for parent consultation. Please look out for this and let us know your thoughts.

Hair Accessories

Please remember that large hair accessories are not part of the uniform and therefore ‘Jo-Jo’ Bows and large flowery accessories are not allowed. Unfortunately, these cause a huge distraction and can be dangerous during PE.

Water bottles 

These are encouraged but not the large bottles or those with open tops. Please send a reusable water bottle with a non-spill cap. School water bottles are available for £3 from the office.