Policy Reviews

Let us know your thoughts

Looking towards the new academic year, we are updating some of our policies and we would like your thoughts. If you would like to comment on any of the three policies listed below, please complete the form here

Behaviour Policy

This policy has been updated but the key points and systems remain the same. Please see the policy below

Anti-bullying Policy

This policy has been re-written in line with current legislation and will include a new way of reporting an incident via the school website.  Please see the policy below

Children and Mobile Phones


For a number of years, the school has followed an out of sight, out of mind policy and pupils have brought them to school and kept them in their trays or in some cases handed them to their teacher to look after. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of phones coming into school and teachers are now routinely looking after up to 50 phones in Year 6 and some phones include the latest iPhone X valued at around £1,000. 


The school has noted an increase in social media and mobile phone related incidents outside of school, which inevitably cause issues in school and parents turn to the school to resolve the issues. 

Peer Pressure

The peer pressure involved in having a phone is tricky to manage for some parents who wish to hold out until a certain age. By having a policy on allowing phones in school, we are wondering if we are also adding to that pressure?


On the one hand having a phone means communication with parent and child is easier and on the other hand, phones being used to and from school can make children are target for theft. 

Change of Policy

There are two options and as a school, we are steering towards the first one:

  1. No mobiles at Raglan

  2. Mobiles allowed for independent walkers in Year 6, which have to be handed in at the start of the day and not to be used during the school day. 

The reasoning for the above options

  1. By not having mobiles, the school is not endorsing or encouraging 10-11 year olds to have a phone. There is no showing off from some pupils (eg. iPhone X) or the fear of missing out from others. There is no risk of a phone going missing or time wasted handing phones in and giving them back out or costs to the school for purchasing a suitable secure unit to store them in. Some parents want to know their child has got to school, but the school has a first call system that means we will be calling parents by if pupils are missing from the register. The policy would change to ensure that Year 6 are the first priority and calls made by 09:30

  2. This is essentially what we have at the moment, but would be more robust with an agreement between pupil, parent and school. Children would be able to communicate more easily with parents to and from school. The school will have to purchase more appropriate lockable storage in a central location. Issues with social media are likely to continue and probably worsen as this has been the case for the last few years. 

If you would like to comment on any of the three policies listed below, please complete the form here