Field Developments

A Surprise Visitor!

The children had a surprise visitor on Monday when Gunnersaurus burst into our assembly. The Arsenal mascot came to officially open the new trail around the field and despite the  freezing conditions all the pupils managed to make a lap of the field to check out the new trim trail and outdoor classroom. 

The field project is an ongoing development of the field and phase one has seen the creation of a path/trail all around the field. Three zones have been added so far including a trim trail, outdoor classroom/stage and a willow classroom and tunnel. 

The project has been mostly funded by the RSA who have been working hard to raise money over the last few years. 

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the RSA events and fundraising in school as this simply could not have happened without that support. Fundraising will continue to create more zones and we will be deciding what those zones will be with the help of teachers, pupils and parents. 

Trail around the Field

The play/trail is an all weather surface so we should be able to make more use of the field over the year rather than just the dry Summer months. This week we launched "Run to Tokyo" an initiative to increase the amount of physical excercise children do in the day. At the moment we have launched it for Key Stage 2 with an opportunity for children to complete a lap or three in the mornings from 8.30am. Once settled we will look at introducing the idea to Key Stage 1 although this is likely to be during playtimes. 

Zone 1

Zone 1 is the outdoor classroom,  which can also act as a stage as the seating inside can be moved out to create audience seats. This means that pupils can use this for play or performance at different times of the day. I am sure this feature will also be used at events such as Sports Days and the Summer Fete. 

 Zone 2 

The trim trail is around 30 metres in length and provides a range of physical challenges including balance, upper body strength and co-ordination. Again it is hoped that this will be used during playtimes and lunchtimes.

The children have been eager to explore this equipment and in fact we haven't had this type of equipment before which is a key part of development.



Zone 3

The latest installation this week was some Living Willow, which includes a tunnel over the path and the creation of an outdoor Willow Classroom and smaller domes and tunnels. 

This will be lovely once the willow has grown and covered in lovely greenery. It's going to be a great place for a class story or circle time or a place to explore at playtimes. 


What will be next?

Options are open for what we add next to the field to cover some other curriculum areas, perhaps science, history and geography. I am sure the children will have some great ideas too. Of course we will have to raise some funds first so please keep supporting the RSA events. You can of course explore the new zones as the Easter Egg Hunt will take place around the field next week.