Children who are Looked-After pupils (in the care of the local authority) or have been adopted or placed in special guardianships are supported and monitored carefully.

We have a specific policy, which outlines our commitment and support for these children, many of whom have experienced difficult times. This can be found on our policy page.

The Key Points of the policy are:

  • A Designated Person is allocated to each pupil;
  • A key worker is also identified for each pupil;
  • A PEP (Personal Education Plan) is created for each Looked-After pupil;
  • A personal plan is created for each post Looked-After pupils;
  • Plans are reviewed termly with carers and key staff;
  • Funding is allocated to each plan as appropriate for each pupil.

Staff are trained on the key issues which are prevalent for pupils who are no longer with their parents. We update this training periodically and will arrange additional training where there is a specific need. 

The Pupil Premium grant is calculated on the number of pupils who are, or who have been Free School Meals in the last 6 years. The grant for 2018/19 is £1320 per pupil. Additional money known as the Pupil Premium Plus is calculated on the number of pupils who are Looked-After or who are now adopted or in a special guardianship. 

The school sets out its policy and plans for spending the pupil premium grant each year. This can be found on the policy page. The additional money (pupil premium plus) is allocated to the personal plans of specific pupils who are adopted or looked-after.