Raglan All Blacks Go Top of the Table

Sports Journalist

The match kicked off at 2:00 on Monday 3rd December on the Raglan School Field, where heavy clouds hovered above the sky and the rain dropped on the slippery field.  Today the mighty Raglan All Blacks were playing the determined Hazelwood.

Hazelwood started with great passes, trying to get a try for their team. Unfortunately, they found a way to run passed the All Blacks defence and got themselves a try. Raglan were losing, but they kept their heads held high, as they sprung into action when Finley passed the ball to Charlie, who then had a straight run after dodging one defender and Raglan got the equaliser. The All Blacks were back in the game. Hazelwood started again trying to get back into the lead. But Evie intercepted the ball and passed to Charlie, who did a beautiful turn passed the Hazelwood defence to put the All Blacks into the lead. Seconds before the Half Time whistle Raglan were back on the attack after they lost possession. Trejoun ran passed the Hazelwood player and then did a lovely spin and great pass to Julia who got a try.

Half Time

The game started again with Raglan quickly losing the ball and forcing Hazelwood to go on the attack. But before they got a try Evie dived magnificently to grab their tags. Seconds later Raglan were back on the attack as Finlay scored a beautiful try. Hazelwood knew they had to do something or they would lose, so they quickly went on the attack getting themself a try.  Raglan were back on the attack soon after as Charlie passed the ball to Julia who scored her second try of the game.  Moments later Charlie got the ball and ran past one defender,then a second defender and then a third to place Raglan firmly in the driving seat. Hazelwood looked distraught, as they battled to get back into the game but the Raglan defence was impenetrable with Ava, Evie and Trejourn tagging like their lives depended on it! Raglan were sure they were going win.  The Rhinos quickly passed the ball to each other until Julia dived in to get the All Blacks another try! Substitutions were made by the All Blacks.   Seconds felt like hours for Hazelwood, as Charlie intercepted the ball again and then passed to Evie who ran and got another tre! Moments before the Full Time whistle Charlie got another magnificent try for the Raglan All Blacks!!  A fantastic start to the league season for the All Blacks 10-3!


Fortunately the rain had stopped for the All Blacks 2nd game, however there were still some shivering in crowd. Both teams had won their first game. Both teams were determined to get the three points. St Andrews were determined to get revenge after losing to the All Blacks in the Enfield Tournament Final 2 weeks before.

The game started with St.Andrews getting three very quick tries. Everyone was shocked that the All Blacks were losing.  They needed to do something.  Evie ran past numerous St.Andrews defenders and got a try! Raglan were back in the game.  Charlie did a magnificent pass to Trejoun who passed it to Mia and then she passed to Julia who brilliantly got the Rhinos another try.  Finlay passed it to Zac who passed it back and then Finley ran and did a lovely turn passed the St Andrews defender to equalise for Raglan.  St Andrews were determined though and retook the lead following some excellent team play.     The tag rugby ping pong continued as Charlie got the ball and span passed the St.Andrews defenders who crashed into each other as they failed to grab his tags! Try! Could this be Raglan chance?  There was still time for St Andrews to sprint past the All Blacks defensive line to regain the lead before Finlay managed to equalise with the last play of the half.   After an intense first half the teams were evenly matched at 5-5.

Half Time

The game started again and quickly as Evie sprinted into a gap in the St Andrews' defensive line to score a try.  St Andrews immediately reacted by adding their own try. The game continued with both sides battling for the team until the All Blacks defenders pressured St Andrews into a mistake, "Knock On!" Shouted the referee.   This proved to be the decisive moment of the match.  Raglan now had the advantage.  With seconds remaining Zac and Trejourn combined to give Raglan a 2 try lead!  10-8 to the Raglan All Blacks.  What a start to the season!

My players of the day went to Charlie and Julia for their incredible tries and magnificent passes.