Concerns & Complaints

From time to time things can and do go wrong. However, we operate a problem-solving approach to solving any concerns which arise in school. The first person to approach is your child’s class teacher. Ask for a quick word as soon as possible. Don’t let issues fester, speak regularly with the teacher – a timely and quiet word often brings a quick resolution. If an issue or concern continues or is particularly serious, please arrange to speak with the relevant Assistant Headteacher. 

They are:


(Nursery and Reception)

Miss Lisa Bennett

If you need to contact us,

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Key Stage 1 (Y1 & Y2)

Miss Candice Ferrand

Key Stage 2 Lower (Y3 & Y4)

Ms Corrine Giles

Key Stage 2 Upper (Y5 & Y6)

Mr Shahir Khan

We try to solve all concerns quickly and informally and the leaders may refer the matter to the SENCo, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher depending on the issue.    

The Headteacher is the last line of problem solving but will be informed of any action his senior staff are taking; senior staff act with the authority of the Headteacher. This system works well in our large school and issues are taken seriously and dealt with as swiftly as we can.  

There is a Complaints Policy for use when all other attempts have failed. The Headteacher will address the complaint in the first instance, unless he has already been involved in the informal stage, in which case the Chair of Governors will investigate the complaint.

Governors do not get involved with complaints until the formal stage and will not address complaints until the school has been involved. All communication for Governors should be addressed to the Chair of Governors c/o the School Office.