The Intent of our Raglan Curriculum 

At The Raglan Schools, we strive to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable our children to leave us both well prepared and confident for the next stage of their educational journey and lives. We want them to be able to succeed both academically and as active, responsible British citizens.

We have designed and organised our curriculum around the needs of our learners and we aim to provide curriculum provision that is just right for all groups of our pupils. From all starting points, we want our children to be confident and competent writers, readers and mathematicians as we know these core skills will be the foundation for all their wider learning.

 Our curriculum provides a progressive development of knowledge and skills, and aims to build on the prior knowledge and learning of the children at our school. We feel that our curriculum model then promotes a depth of learning - that we ensure we 'teach, practice, repeat' so that our children feel increasingly confident, competent and fluent in their understanding. We feel this approach ensures that all our learners acquire the necessary skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding they need to make excellent progress within school and in the wider world.

 We want curriculum provision to be both balanced and meaningful. We will give the children opportunities to make links between all areas of learning; to see the purpose of the skills and knowledge they are acquiring, and give them opportunities to further explore and apply these competencies.

We strive to develop opportunities for pupils to become independent, confident, resilient and to have a positive outlook, and be curious about the world they live in so that they will all become happy, successful and lifelong learners.  Our Raglan values are at the heart of everything we do within our curriculum.

Curriculum Information

You can see the Curriculum Overview for Year 1 to Year 6 - click here