Instrumental/Vocal lessons at Raglan

 At the Raglan Schools we offer music lessons on Brass, strings, guitar, woodwind, keyboard, percussion and voice through the Enfield music service. 

These lessons can be individual lessons (20-30minutes) or in groups (2 or 3 students)

For more information on the Enfield music service please click here for their website.

Instrumental/Vocal lessons for new pupils starting in the Spring Term 202


Parents/carers may apply for their child to have lessons in school (subject to the usual minimum number of pupils requiring lessons on any one instrument and adequate school accommodation) or for lessons at our Saturday Music Centre (at Houndsfield School) or at our Tuesday evening Music Centre (at Enfield County Lower School).

Application forms should reach the Enfield Music Service office by Friday 8th November 2019.

If you need extra copies of the application form, please feel free to photocopy the attached. The form will be available to download from Enfield Council’s website: (search ‘Enfield Music Service’) or we can send a further supply of forms to the school on request.

(Please note pupils who are already receiving lessons through EMS do NOT to need to complete a new application form unless they are applying to change instrument or learn an additional instrument.  These continuing pupils will automatically be sent a registration document to book lessons for the Spring Term.)

Also attached is a flier you may wish to display, and our general information sheet to parents ‘Learning to Play a Musical Instrument’

Free/subsidised lessons for FSM / LAC / Adopted pupils

EMS regrettably has no budget to be able to provide free or subsidised lessons.  If your school is willing to pay or subsidise lessons for FSM, Pupil Premium, LAC and adopted pupils, we would ask you to inform parents.

Procedure for processing applications for free/subsidised lessons

Before we can register pupils for free or subsidised lessons each term, we ask parents to provide EMS with a letter of confirmation that the school is willing to fund/part-fund the lessons for that particular term.    A template letter is attached which the school can use for this purpose for lessons for the Spring Term 2020.   By issuing these letters to parents who apply, we hope this be useful to the school to keep an advanced record of the number of pupils the school is supporting each term.


Current Students

Please see the timetable below for which date your lesson is. EMS lessons will begin WC 16th September. Timetables with individual time slots are displayed in classrooms and outside the music room. Please remember to bring in your instrument on the day you have a lesson, Thank you.