School governors have a legal responsibility to promote high standards of educational achievement. Governing bodies have three key roles: setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluation.  The Education Acts give governors key principles, in regulations and guidance.  Governors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the school.  One Governing Body has oversight of both schools. 

You may find this link useful which explains what being a governor involves.

If you wish to contact any governor directly, you can do so via the school email (Mark it FAO and the Name of the Governor) or you can leave a letter at the office and it will be forwarded on. 

Members of The Governing Body

(October 2019)
Chair of Governors: Mrs Anna Williams
Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs Sarah Bocas

A list of the Current Governors 

Main Governing Body - All governors attend the main meetings Committees

Standards & Achievement (S&A) - This committee has a focus on teaching, learning, curriculum and the outcomes for our pupils.

Resources (R) - This committee has a focus on the budget, resources and all matters related to premises, including health & safety.

Strategic  (S) - This committee is made up from the Chairs and Vice Chair and meets regularly to plan ahead for Governing Body Meetings

Associate Governors

Associate Governors are invited by the Governing Body to contribute to meetings. They have no voting rights.


Mrs C Daly  (Deputy Headteacher)


Governing Body Annual Statement

Attendance of Governing Body

Register of Business Interests

Governing Body Standing Orders Sept 2019