Home Learning

We will be providing some suggestions on what learning could be done at home. Do what you can is the key message. 

Below are the specific year groups and if you look at the side menu you can see links to our Online activities. 

Home Learning Newsletters

We will be producing a weekly newsletter to keep you updated and share any great links we have found that maybe useful for home. We will also celebrate all the great things we are seeing going on at home with our Stars of the Week

Edition 1 - 27th March

Edition 2 - 3rd April 

Edition 3 - 24th April

Edition 4 - 1st May

Edition 5 - 8th May 

Edition 6 - 15th May

Edition 7 - 22nd May

Edition 8 - 5th June

Edition 9 - 12th June

Edition 10 - 21st June 

Edition 11 - 26th June 


Letter to Parents 

Suggested activities will be uploaded to the EYFS page - click here 

Contact Nursery teachers at eynursery@raglanschools.org 


Letter to Parents

Suggested activities will be uploaded to the EYFS page - click here

Contact Reception teachers at eyreception@raglanschools.org

Years 3-6 

Letter to Year 3 Parents contact Year 3 team at year3team@raglanschools.org

Letter to Year 4 Parents contact Year 4 team at year4team@raglanschools.org

Letter to Year 5 Parents contact Year 5 team at year5team@raglanschools.org

Letter to Year 6 Parents contact Year 6 team at year6team@raglanschools.org

Work for Years 3-6 will be posted in Google Classroom. Children need to log into their Google account and open classroom to find their online class which will be called Home Learning and their class name eg.  3SK Home Learning 

Music Activities 

The music team have some great suggestions for those who want to explore some musical activities. 

Visit the Music at Home pages here

Physical Activities

The PE team have some great suggestions to keep active at home

Visit the Raglan Active page here

Art & Design 

Mrs Ashall has come up with some great suggestions for art activities at home. 

Visit the Art & Design at Home page here 

Hands on Hero Challenge 

The Tate has a page with some great suggestions - Visit Tate Kids

Phonics & Spelling 

Phonics Support (Reception to Year 2)

Below are links to each of the phonemes (sounds) that children learn during each phonics phase. Practising these regularly will help your child with reading and spelling. 

For an extra challenge, children could make their own video of them saying the sounds and send it to their teachers.

Phase 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU2vWZKS7rY 

Phase 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR_IgfIgz10 

Phase 5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3S5sJw7MfI (Children should be secure with phase 5 at the end of Year 1)

http://www.letters-and-sounds.com - also has lots of interactive games which you can play. These all link with the programme that we follow in school.

Phonics Bloom

Online Activities for Phonics - Visit here 

Spelling Support (Year 2 -6)

Learning those ‘tricky words’ or ‘common exception’ words can sometimes be a chore at home. However, using the following website allows you to input your own word list and learn the words in a fun interactive way.


However, if you would like time away from screens games like ‘Hangman’ and ‘scrabble’ or chalk in the garden can be great ways to practise spellings.



Useful links include

Science Fun - Experiments for Kids - click here 

Practical Action - STEM challenges - click here


Support from Enfield Council

Enfield have issued some supportive information for parents, which can be downloaded below

Supporting Primary-aged Pupils 

Support for Parents 


We have put together a website for reading called Raglan Reads. It has many useful links and also over 50 videos of authors reading from their books. 

Check out Raglan Read here

First News - Each week there will be a new edition of the children's newspaper.

Visit the Raglan Reads Page for First News 

Online Safety

Children are likely to be spending more time online, on games linked to teh Internet and on their mobile phones. Please keep an eye on their activities so they remain safe. Please note the following guides aimed at parents

TikTok Guide for Parents


We have created a humanities page with some suggestions and ideas for History and Geography.

Visit the Page here 

Visit our VE DAY pages with some history to this historic day and also our VE DAY Message Board

Visit the VE DAY Pages here