Welcome to Key Stage 1 – The Year 1 and Year 2

At this stage the children move out of Early Years and into Key Stage 1. They begin learning from a new curriculum (2014 National Curriculum) where the day becomes more structured and formal. At the beginning Year 1 the children have a transition period where they continue to practise the skills learnt in EYFS. 

At Raglan, the curriculum is organised under a topic heading each half term, with links made to the topic across the subject areas whenever appropriate.

Alongside the daily Mathematics and English sessions the children have a daily reading session (known as Daily Supported Reading in Year 1 and Guided reading in Year 2) and a daily phonics session, which includes spellings that are taught and tested weekly. The children will begin to access Mathletics in Key Stage 1, an online homework tool, to consolidate and further develop mathematical concepts taught in school.