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Spring/Summer 2018 Lunch Menu

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Autumn/Winter 2018 Lunch Menu

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Most pupils stay at school for lunch and many have a hot school meal each day. We ask that you stick to either the school meal or packed lunch. Please notify the office if there is a planned change given one week’s notice. We have a team of lunchtime supervisors that operate the lunch hour supported by the leadership team. We encourage various play activities including some of our older pupils leading activities for their peers and younger children.

School Meals

Our school meal service is provided by Enfield, but we have negotiated a special menu for our schools. The standards for school meals require the following: high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish regularly available; at least two portions of fruit and vegetables with every meal and bread, other cereals and potatoes regularly available. Additionally, there are controls on the following foods: deep-fried food limited to no more than two portions per week. We have two excellent dining facilities – a dining room in the infant department and a refectory in the junior department.

Please visit the My School Lunch website for further details about Enfield Catering Services

School Meals & ParentPay                              

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We have adopted a cashless system for the collection of dinner monies. This is done online using a secure website called ParentPay. Alternatively you can pay through local stores where you see the PayPoint logo. ParentPay will allow you to pay for school meals 24/7 and other payments to school such as visits. It is important to note that school meals must be paid in advance.

Free School Meals

If you think you may be entitled to receive support for school expenses, please click here

Packed Lunches

Parents may send children to school with packed lunches. Chocolate and sweets are not allowed. Drinks should be non-fizzy and where possible please make the lunch nut-free.