We teach Maths everyday in a variety of ways depending on the aspect being taught. This includes practical Maths with equipment and resources to support their understanding through to mental Maths strategies, jottings and written formal methods. We have recently introduced Numicon to EYFS and this will roll out into Year 1 next year.

Children develop their basic mathematical skills including the 4 rules and apply this understanding through problem solving. Children develop at a consistent rate, but it is important that they have grasped some of the basic skills before moving on to more complex Maths. We also cover shape, space and measure and data handling. Parents often ask about Maths, as the teaching has changed over the years. We have held workshops for parents to support this and will do so again in the future. They best thing parents can do is talk about number in everyday life and support their child to learn number bonds (number bonds to 10 such as 3+7, 4+6 etc) and learn their times tables and division facts.

Listed here are the Calculation Policies that we use in school.

Calculation Policy Introduction
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