This is the page for new pupils/parents who are starting at our Nursery in September 2020.

Raglan Nursery in the Snow (Photo by Mary Achilleos)

Welcome to all our new parents. We will update this page with information about starting in the Nursery and add any key dates and documents. 

This section is for parents who have children starting in our Nursery or in Reception in September 2020 and have a confirmed place

Our Nursery has provision for up to 35 hours. All children are entitled to 15 hours a week FREE provision, with some pupils of working parents entitled to 30 hours. The school offers options to have additional hours, paid for by parents. 

If you are a working parent, you may qualify for up to 30hrs free provision at our school Nursery. Please visit 

Nursery Welcome 

For parents/carers we have made a welcome video including an introduction to the school and the Raglan community and  information for the start of Nursery.

1. Introduction to the School - Headteacher Martin Kelsey [starts 3:05]

2. Raglan School Community - Martin Kelsey [8:37]

3. Introduction to Nursery - Assistant Headteacher Lisa Bennett [13:33] 




Key Dates 

18th June - Deadline for completing the Enrolment Form

26th June - Nursery Options form is open 

2nd July - Welcome video released

3rd July - deadline for nursery options 

week of 6th July - Class information, start date etc. 

17th July - Deadline for 30 hour codes. 

Key People 

Lisa Bennett - Assistant Headteacher for Early Years Foundation Stage

Key Contacts


Phone 0208 360 5121