At Raglan Schools we believe that Physical Education plays a vital role in the holistic growth of our pupils. All of our pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 receive a minimum of two hours PE a week, one hour of which taught by our “Specialist PE Teacher” and “Sports Coaches.” Within our Early Years and Foundation Stage provision we offer our pupils a varied, engaging and physically active environment that supports the development of the gross motor skills that they will need throughout their lives.

Alongside our Physical Education curriculum, we offer our pupils an exciting and inclusive extra-curricular programme that aims to support all of our pupils to reach their full physical, social and cognitive potential. A key part of this extra curricular provision includes our “Active Playtimes,” where we encourage all of our pupils to enjoy an active lifestyle through participation in dance, invasion ball games, skipping and active free play.  You can keep up to date with how all of our sports teams are doing by clicking on this link.

We feel that PE and sport have a vital role to play in promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyles and self confidence within our pupils, families and the local community. With the rise of childhood obesity within the United Kingdom, it is important for our pupils to understand the impact diet, smoking and physical activity has on themselves and their family’s health.

We are very fortunate at Raglan Schools to have a wonderful Staff Team that support our PE and extra curricular provision. If you are interested in adding to our extra curricular provision or have any queries regarding PE or sport, please email Mr Flett