We believe it is important that the school has strong links with the community and that parents should be involved in the education of their children for the benefit of both parent and child.

Parents at Raglan have a positive view of the school as can be seen in our Parent View Survey for 2019

Each year begins with an Information evening for each phase that sets out the year ahead.

We like to keep you informed about how well your child is doing and we do this in a variety of ways (as seen in the table below). We do encourage you to come and speak with us as soon as any issues or problems arise. You do not need to wait for the formal evenings.


Face to Face Meeting – settling in


Progress Report


Face to Face Meeting – look at work


Progress Report


Progress Report

From time to time we have family learning taking place, which is designed to help support parents in helping their children with learning. We also hold an annual curriculum evening that provides workshops, information and practical advice for parents. We also hold shorter more specific meetings through the year.

Raglan Schools Association (RSA)

The Raglan Schools has a very active Parent group. All the parents and staff are automatically members of the RSA and all work is done on a voluntary basis. Our main objective is to raise money for the school, which we do via various events including a Summer Fun Day. There are lots of other events held throughout the year which you will hear about in the form of Newsletters, posters around the school and flyers in the children’s book bags. The funds raised go to pay for lots of different things all focused around increasing the school's resources. There is an AGM when elections for the committee to be established. Everyone who wishes to help, at any level, is welcome. See the RSA Page for more details

Volunteer Help

Volunteers are always welcome both for RSA events and to help in school and on school outings. There are several possible ways to help and you will find a leaflet on our school website showing this.

You will appreciate the high value we place on safeguarding our children, therefore adults working with children, including volunteers may be asked to complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau), prior to working regularly in the school. We appreciate parental help on school visits too but cannot guarantee that a parent will be able to accompany his or her child.

Travelling to School

We should like parents to encourage their children to walk to school where possible as we know that the vast majority of children live within 0.5 miles of the school. However, we realise that some parents have no choice but to drive and we would ask that you park sensibly around the local area. This means:

  • Not parking on the yellow zig-zags or other yellow lines
  • Not parking or stopping across driveways, school entrances or at the end of a road
  • Not stopping in the road and letting your child jump out

We are sorry if this seems blunt, but we see the above every day and it generates the most complaints to our office. Please have consideration for the safety of all our community, especially the children. Try to “Park and Stride” by parking up away from the school and walking the last leg of the journey.