Home Learning

We will be providing some suggestions on what learning could be done at home. Do what you can is the key message. 

Below are the specific year groups and if you look at the side menu you can see links to our Online activities. 

Years 3-6 

Letter to Year 3 Parents contact Year 3 team at year3team@raglanschools.org

Letter to Year 4 Parents contact Year 4 team at year4team@raglanschools.org

Letter to Year 5 Parents contact Year 5 team at year5team@raglanschools.org

Letter to Year 6 Parents contact Year 6 team at year6team@raglanschools.org

Work for Years 3-6 will be posted in Google Classroom. Children need to log into their Google account and open classroom to find their online class which will be called Home Learning and their class name eg.  3SK Home Learning 

Music Activities 

The music team have some great suggestions for those who want to explore some musical activities. 

Visit the Music at Home pages here

Physical Activities

The PE team have some great suggestions to keep active at home

Visit the Raglan Active page here

Art & Design 

Mrs Ashall has come up with some great suggestions for art activities at home. 

Visit the Art & Design at Home page here