The Raglan Schools Association

The Raglan Schools Association (the RSA) is a registered charity directly linked to the school. It is made up of volunteer parents and members of school staff. 

The RSA raises money to provide extra things to aid and enhance our children's education. These can be big items (such as a set of Chromebooks or outdoor play equipment) or smaller items (such as pinboards for displaying the children's work or new books). We aim to organise fun activities and create a community feel through our events, while at the same time raising much needed funds. The money raised really does make a big difference - thank you for your ongoing support!

On this page you can:

Latest news

  • Read our Autumn newsletter
  • For many years the school and the RSA have been working together to raise funds to redevelop the school field - we are really excited that an outdoor classroom and a trim trail (among other things) are now open! The RSA has contributed £47,000 for the first phase of work. This is an incredible sum of money so a MASSIVE THANK YOU to parents old and new for making this possible!

The image is a picture of children holding a sign that says thank you to the RSA for funding the redevelopment of the school field.

  • So far the children have run 9073km out of 9542km to Tokyo  in the mornings, it has been used for playtimes, an Easter trail, sports days and the Summer fair and we’d like to add more stations to it. Learn more about how you can help.

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How you can help

Fundraising target for this year:
Please help the RSA raise funds for a new zone on the school field.  We have a target of £9,000 to raise to install a 'Hobbit's House' for the children to enjoy. The money raised from: The Smarties tube collection; the Quiz night,  Christmas Card orders, Tea Towel orders and the Christmas Fair will all combine and hopefully we will be able to order the Hobbit house in the New Year!

Image of Hobit House

Fundraising target for Hobitt's House: £9,000

Current amount raised: 





You can now also help raise funds for the RSA and make your life easier by trying a brilliant new alternative to sew-in or iron-in labels for school clothes and accessories! We've signed up to a company called Stamptastic who get great reviews online and will donate 20% of any sales that come via our link to the RSA! Do give it a try!

Stamptastic Small banner


Getting involved
There are lots of other ways to get involved. You can join our committee, help out at one of our events or become a class rep. To find out more, please contact us on Classlist (a website or App based portal which is free to use) or leave us a message via the school office. 

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Upcoming meetings and events

RSA Committee Meeting - Friday 11 January  
Time: 9am
Venue: Infant Hall
Come along and share your ideas and get involved! All are welcome.

RSA Committee Meeting - Wednesday 6 February  
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: TBC
Come along and share your ideas and get involved! All are welcome.

RSA Family Fun Night - Saturday 9 February  
Time: 4pm
Details TBC

RSA Committee Meeting - Wednesday 6 March
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: TBC
Come along and share your ideas and get involved! All are welcome.

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Staying in touch

This webpage will be kept up-to-date with the latest news from the RSA. You can also keep up with all the RSA happenings by joining us on Classlist. It's a website or App based portal and it is free to sign-up. 
  • Join us on Classlist
  • Leave a message for us via the school office
Thank you for your time