The Raglan Rebels Return Victorious

On Tuesday 26 September 2017 the Raglan’s girls football team; Rebels went to Edmonton County Powerleague to play against Bush Hill Park School abbreviated to BHP for the purpose of this report. This was the opening game of the season and they wanted a win. The girls knew this was going to be a tough match. Their opponents were taller and stockier in build. As the teams warmed up for the big game their managers gave them a few last words of encouragement; The Rebels were told to play like they did last season. Both team captains came to the centre of the pitch, shook hands and the game begun.  

Just a minute after BHP’s kick off Lucy, from Rebels, took possession of the ball and made her way up to the opponent's goal. She skillfully passed loads of solid defenders before you had a chance to blink she had scored a goal, she made it look so easy. The fans began cheering 1-0 to the Rebels! Seconds later BHP were in control of the ball but  Rebel’s Isabella won the ball from BHP player and crossed it straight into the net….Goal! The Raglans were already dominating even though 10 minutes hadn’t passed into the match it was 2-0!

Just a few seconds after the goal the opponent's team decided to make it more harder for our fierce Rebel attackers, they added an extra defender to increase their defence. Although there was a slight change of tactics this made the Rebels even more determined to hold onto their lead. The Rebels had tricked their opponents numbers 12 and 15 by doing the one two skill making a golden chance for Scarlett, who didn’t waste the opportunity to blast the ball into BHP’s net, making the score line even larger 3-0!

BHP were never going to give up but at the minute it looked like they may have.Clumsily the BHP defender gave the ball away giving a golden opportunity to Raglan and they took their lead even further with another goal 4-0 scored once more by Lucy, this was becoming a one sided affair! The game got even better when Thetoulla had the ball and smashes the ball into the net making it 5-0. As the refeere called half time because he forgot his whistle and unsurprisingly one teams came off the pitch euphoric the other team looked deflated.

During halftime the Rebels coach, Mrs Andrews, told the girls they were doing extremely well and to keep up the good work; keep playing the way you are and we will definitely win.

As the second half mayhem began, Scarlett G stepped up and made a statement by scoring a goal, proving she should be a permanent player. The score now was 6-0 to the Rebels! Goals were coming fast and rapidly for the Rebels, in quick session a hat trick was scored by Ava; goal 7,8 & 9, the girls were so proud of Ava. The goals kept on coming but to BHP mistake their number 15 scored an own goal putting their team off. After the own goal 3 further goals were scored by the Rebels. Izzy tragically picked up an injury the last few minutes of the game and had to be subbed with Ava. In the last minutes of the 4 goals were scored and the whistle blew.  After the match we interviewed POM, players of the match Lucy and Thetoulla and they quote that it was an easy match and they said this was like a warm up match! The score at the end off this one sided affair was 15-0 Raglan Rebels!