Rattlesnakes Conquer in Style!


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Rattlesnakes vs St Edmunds

This match kicked off on Tuesday afternoon at Edmonton County Power League The weather was  sunny and warm.

In the first few minutes of the first half sam scored a wonderful goal with a lovely right foot shot in the right place at the right time assisted by Charlie.  Very quickly followed by another cheeky goal by Charlie, The keeper made a big mistake by kicking the goal kick straight to Charlie placed it into the empty net.  Charlie added the Rattlesnakes 3rd just before halftime by driving with the ball and smashing the ball into the top corner It was a fantastic assist from Fionn. Just before half time Ozan made a fantastic challenge on the edge penalty to prevent St Edmunds getting one back.  3-0 to the Rattlesnakes at half time.

St Edmund’s were clearly up for it the second half and smashed into Zac early on for afoul.  Moments later more rough play takes Sam down for free kick box. Fionn shoots and the ball clips the crossbar.  Raglan finished off St Edmunds at the end of the second half after Charlie volleyed the ball at the goal, which the keeper pushed straight at Harry who  gets it with his right foot into the bottom right hand corner.

It may look like an easy Raglan win but let me tell you it wasn't an easy 4-0 win. Charlie was phenomenal win attack, but the player of the match for me was Fionn because he was strong in defence nobody and the opposition strikers didn’t stand a chance.

Rattlesnakes vs Highfield

It was a glorious sunny afternoon for the Rattlesnakes’ second match of the day. The team headed to Edmonton Powerleague this Tuesday 9th October to play Highfield school team.

After a previous 4-0 victory against St Edmunds, Raglan ran on to the pitch ceremoniously. Fionn started the game with a great shot that just skimmed the woodwork.  The team grew in confidence and after a few missed chances, Charlie shot and scored. 1-0 with an assist from Fionn. Raph and Ozan both shot on target but two amazing keeper saves kept the score down. Seconds later, Sam hit the crossbar and Raph shot scored rebound.  Within minutes the Rattlesnakes had scored again with two quick passes from Raph to Charlie. As the match progressed, some clever passing between Dhiaan and Charlie resulted in Raglan moving further into the lead.

The second half started with a great assist from Dhiaan to Zac. The crowd went wild as Zac did his ‘worm’ celebration. A few minutes later, Charlie got badly tackled to the floor inside the box. The referee blew and pointed to the spot. PENALTY! Dhiaan stepped forward and kicked the ball into the bottom left corner. 9-0

The Rattlesnakes had won . This was a match of amazing sportsmanship, individual talent but most importantly, a brilliant team performance.