Rattlesnakes win the first match of the season!

19th September 2017 - Raglan Rattlesnakes vs Eldon Primary School

  The match kicked off with two very enthusiastic and energetic teams. At first glance Eldon appeared to be at a disadvantage due to their size, however when the game started they proved themselves very quickly to be, technically, a strong team. Initially, the Rattlesnakes had control of the ball and there was some good passing between the team; but one of the opponents came in with a good tackle giving Eldon their first real opportunity for a goal. It was a solid enough strike but goalkeeper Freddie saved it effortlessly. However, Eldon’s second attempt at a goal brought success. As a result, the Rattlesnakes realised they needed to up their game. They quickly took control of the ball, swiftly passing it between their Rayan and Kyrian and dominating the pitch. However, it didn’t last. The other team got the ball, leading to an excellent tackle from Rattlesnakes, Fionn, resulting in a fantastic goal. It was now almost ten minutes into the game and the score was 1-1. A further attempt came from Eldon which only just missed the crossbar. That was followed shortly after by a strike from Rattlesnakes’ Azare, but Eldon’s goalkeeper triumphantly saved it.

Both teams were making a big effort to create opportunities but Eldon were more dominant with some good passing. Fionn from The Rattlesnakes went in for a tackle but was fouled, resulting in a free kick. Fionn looked confident and didn’t hesitate, striking the ball into the top right hand corner, putting The Rattlesnakes in a 2-1 lead by half time.

At half time, the coach, Mr Flett gave the team a pep talk and encouraged them with tips and tactics for the second half.

The Raglan Rattlesnakes were winning 2-1 against Eldon Primary. Were the rattlesnakes going to keep their lead for the whole game or were they going to lose it? A few minutes in Peter the defender swapped with Rayan on the left wing. With this new role Peter tried to score but was saved by Eldon’s goalkeeper. Eldon had a good period of pressure with the ball very close to the Rattlesnakes goal. Number 2 from Eldon Primary also went for a goal but missed. Freddie the goalkeeper was praised for his great saves. For the next couple of minutes nothing happened but then number 7 from Eldon primary went through with a another chance but Peter made a fantastic challenge to preserve Raglan’s lead.

It was a very tough second half but that wasn’t stopping Oliver on the rattlesnakes team, running with the ball towards Eldon’s goal. Sadly, though it was saved by the goalkeeper. With only a few minutes left, Mr Flett made an interesting change with Peter and Rayan coming back onto the pitch. With only minutes remaining Oliver broke through the Eldon defence to slot home a third for Rattlesnakes shortly followed by the final whistle. 3 Points and a fantastic start to the season for the Rattlesnakes.

At the end of the match we spoke with men of the match, Fionn and Peter and asked them “How do you feel your team played and where do you think you could have improved?” They replied, “We played well and there were some good shots, but we needed some better tackling.”