Raucous Rebels

Sports Journalist

On Thursday the 22nd of November, the Raglan Rebels played Eversley primary on our school field in very cold weather conditions, despite that, we were still eager to bring home two wins.

The Raglan Rebels started of their match with a great run from Tiffany and many shots on goal. The Rebels had 90% possession of the ball by the 5 min mark of the first half. Chloe took an amazing shot towards the goal, but the Eversley goalkeeper pulled off a brilliant diving save to keep the score at 0-0.  The Rebels then win back the ball, as Tiffany darted down the wing into amazing space and takes a shot towards the goal and scores bottom right making the score 1-0 to the Raglan Rebels. Even though Eversley start with the ball an amazing tackle is made by Molly who passed to Tiffany who was in amazing space, and she scored again top left, ending the half 2-0,  Well done Tiffany.

To start the half, Gabriella makes an amazing save.  Chloe and Tiffany run into the box, but the Eversley GK made a great save. Eversley then made a great run but Phebe our captain made an outstanding tackle, and Raglan win the ball back. As the end of the first match is over, The Raglan Rebels win their match of the day 2-0.

Well done to Raglan, the whole team played really well but phebe our captain Tiffany, Molly and GK Gabriella all stood out to us. Bring on the next one!!!