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Raglan Ravens VS Eversley

The match kicked off at 2:00 PM Thursday 11th October on the Raglan school field, where the weather was shining bright. The first game of the season for the Ravens and was against Eversley.

The match started with a great save by Lorenzo after an excellent attack from Eversley.  It wasn’t the only time that Lorenzo jumped and leapt to save the ball throughout the first half.   The Ravens showed some excellent organisation and defensive skills during the first half, preventing a strong Eversley team from scoring.  As the half time whistle was about to be blow, the Raglan Ravens headed for goal, but Sadly, the Eversley keeper prevented them scoring the opening goal. 0-0 at half with the Ravens knowing they needed to improve going forward.

The second half commenced, with an extremely close chance from Namir, but unfortunately Eversley's goalkeeper managed to save the flying ball just in time. Raglan kept their spirits high and carried on to stride towards the goal. Many attempts were made by each team, but again both goalkeepers stayed strong. An amazing, dribbling run by Juwayne was the closest either team came to breaking the deadlock in the second half.

The game ended at 0-0. Each team knew they'd tried their best in what was a very tough game. The man of the match was given to Juwayne, for some excellent attempts and some incredible defending skills. Well Done!

Raglan Ravens VS Hazelbury

As both teams walked on to the Raglan Grounds the glorious sunlight shone above the pitch. The teams headed on to the pitch, on Thursday 11th October 2:25 PM, to play their second game of the day against Hazelbury. After a 0-0 draw against Eversley the expectations were high as the Ravens needed the three points.

As Raglan started the game, the first chance went to Hazelbury which just flew over the bar. With Hazelbury having a number  great chances outside the box, Lorenzo stretched to make some great savces. The Ravens best chance came from some Excellent defending by Harry, who cleared the ball to Elias who unfortunately couldn’t find the target. Seconds before the Half-Time whistle Nicholas crossed the ball to nathan but unfortunately he couldn’t score the opening goal.

The second half began very well for Hazelbury as they kept most of the possession, but the first chance came to Adar, who on his right foot battered the ball in the top corner.


The game started again. Instead of playing for the clean sheet, the Ravens pushed forward again.  Alton ran up the pitch and crossed the ball into the box to Georgio who found himself in the right place and the right time to score a tap at the back post.


The goals from Adar and Georgio were enough to give the Ravens a 2-0 win. Man Of The Match went to Adar who scored a amazing wonder goal from outside the box.

Raglan vs Hazelwood

The wind blew peacefully and the powerful sun towered above the Raglans home ground. Both teams were having their last talks before the last game of the day kicked off. It was 2:50 PM on the Thursday 11th October 2018 and the Ravens were about to take on their rivals Hazelwood who like Raglan had taken four points from their previous two games

The last game of the day commenced, with the Ravens kicking off.  In what was a very even first half the first chance went to Hazelwood by the through ball was bravely intercepted by Lorenzo.  Raglan’s first chance started with Lorenzo passing the ball short to Harry. He showed great the composure to pass the ball to Andrew, who went round the midfielder and played a perfect pass out to the left to Nicholas who saw L’Kai in space and played an excellent through ball which L’kai smashed into the net!


It was visible that the Ravens were dominating the first half. as moments later Elias pressed the oppositions defense and won back possession. He then passed the ball to L’Kai who then took the shot.


The game started again and Hazelwood took the ball and battered in to the top corner…… BUT NO!!  Lorenzo leapt out of nowhere to make a remarkable save. A well deserved 2-0 lead to the Ravens at half time.

Having been unbeaten in their previous two games, the Ravens were determined to keep hold of their two goal lead.  Hazelwood on the other hand had different ideas and opened the 2nd half of the game with an excellent goal scored.   The Hazelwood midfielder smashed the ball towards goal from outside the box and it flew into the net, before the Zayd could even react. It was quite obvious that Hazelwood really wanted to get back on level terms as they battered the Ravens defence, however all of a sudden Hazelwood were on the attack again, and the ball was flung in the goal to make the score 2-2.   With moments remaining, Zayd pulled off a fantastic save to stop the ball heading into the bottom corner.

The Ravens managed to hold on in end to maintain their unbeaten record.  The two goals were scored by L’Kai, who made a big impact on the game and that's why he deserved Man Of The Match.

You can hear from our captain and our goal scorer by clicking here.