Ravens Win in Style


Sports Journalist

It was definitely a great day for the Raglan Ravens (Team Chrisostomou) as they won both of their matches against Grange Park finishing with the score of 4-1 to the Ravens and a 5-0 win. They started off with an amazing header made by Alton Hall brooks followed by another great shot by him but sadly was a miss for the ravens. Through this match the Ravens two defenders Mikey and Amos showed a wide range of interception against greenwich. Later on in the match, the Raglan Ravens were given a corner, taken by Keon Adon, creating another opportunity for a second goal in which they succeeded to do taking the score up to 2-0 with both goals scored by Alton however was followed by a goal to Grange Park taking the score up to 2-1 at half time.  Further into the match, Grange Park made more interceptions giving the ravens more of a challenge to win back the ball. Grange Park however gave the Ravens another corner taken by Adar giving him a fantastic goal from his corner leaving the score 3-1 to the ravens. Drawing nearer to the end of the match,the Ravens were able to fit in one last goal and left the pitch with the score 4-1.

2nd match  

As the Ravens re-entered the pitch for the second time, Greenwich park started the match. They started with a great shot made by one of their players but was saved with a header by Amos  giving the Ravens the ball. Their striker, Alton Hall Brooks, only just managed to fit in a goal leaving the score 1-0. As Greenwich started with the ball, Namir made an excellent tackle giving the ball to the Ravens which was then passed down the pitch down to their striker Alton who scored ro make the score 2-0 at half time.  As the two teams entered the pitch, the Ravens made a substitution with their midfielder Namir who then swiped with Mikey.The Ravens then started the match with great interception and maintenance made by them however a corner, given to the Ravens, gave them another goal by Mikey.As Greenwich started,the Ravens quickly intercepted giving them another goal by Mikey leaving the score 5-0.

Raglan Ravens vs. Grange Park

The match kicked off at 2:00PM Thursday 18th October on the Grange Park field ,the weather was breezy but the sun made an appearance. This was the second game of the Raven’s season which so far had gone perfectly.  Throughout the first few minutes, the Ravens looked for an attack but mostly got intercepted. Grange Park ran up the field, just in time for Harry Gibbs to slide away the ball to go out for a crucial throw-on. Soon after, Nicholas ran across the pitch, playing a massive cross which L’kai knocked into the bottom left corner. Goal!  The Ravens celebrated happily, the game carried on as 1-0 to Raglan. The Ravens pushed the home side into their own half to maintain their lead , Andrew fired at the keeper for it to slip out for a vital corner. A short pass to L’kai, and the ball shook the bar. The first half ended with 1-0 to the Ravens with them dominating the whole first half.   

A few minutes into the second half, Gibbs paced through the home side’s defence to get a hopeful corner . Kyim curled the ball into the box which was headed by Braydon but it went over the bar to go out for a goal kick. Not long after, Nicholas sends an easy pass to l’kai, into the box and smashed in the back of the net! 2-0!  Grange Park delivered a free-kick which was firmly blocked by the Ravens wall. The ball went out of the box from a Ravens corner. It came into Andrew’s feet and he smashed it into the back of the net which L’kai assisted along the way. Grange Park struggled to get any shots on goal past super keeper Zayd. . The game ended 3-0 to Raglan ravens.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: L’kai for being a strong player for the team, scoring a great goal and making two amazing assists.

Match 2

As soon as the next game started, Grange Park were already on the attack with a spectacular volley, but Zayd pushes it. Raglan got a corner, Braydon curled it into the box , Keeling shoots … No! Unfortunately, Grange park scored in their own net.1-0 to the Ravens! After 3 deadly shots, Zayd intercepted those amazing chances! Raglan continue with domination, as Raglan Go down, they call for a penalty, the referee says none given. The first half wrapped up as 1-0 to the Ravens by a Grange park own goal.

The second half started as Andrew set up a perfect chance for the Ravens which curled into the box, the Grange park Goalkeeper saved it just in time. Raglan constantly dominated as Nathan had a big opportunity but it just goes over the bar. Grange park lose the ball, Ravens go on the attack. Own goal! At the very last minute, Grange park hits it in their own net to make it 2 own goals and a 2-0 win for the Ravens. A smashing performance from the Ravens with 2 out of 2 wins for them.

Man of the match: Zayd for keeping a clean sheet for both matches and keeping out the chances from the Grange Park team. You did phenomenal Ravens!