Rebels Repelled By Grange Park

Sports Journalist

The radiant sun shone brightly over the newly-cut grass field as the players from Grange Park warmed up.  The clock turned 1:45 and each team got into their positions. Even though it was just a friendly, everyone knew they had to still play their hardest.

The whistle blew and the teams were ready for anything. The game commenced with a good save from Raglan’s goalie, clutching the ball in her hands. Unfortunately for Raglan, Grange Park’s captain flung the ball into the corner of the goal as the goalie dived to try and save it. Good defensive skills from Chloe made sure she protected the goal, so the opposition couldn’t score.  Raglan’s striker had many attempts for a goal, disappointingly, they couldn't convert the chances into goals.   The Grange Park players did brilliant to find space which led them to score yet another goal, through the legs of the goalie.  A few substitutions were made and the ball made its way down to the opposition goal, Raglan’s striker, Ava,  came very close to scoring, but the other goalie just saved it, grasping the ball in her padded gloves. The half time whistle was about to blow.  3-0 to Grange Park. Both teams went off and had a good team talk with each of their PE coaches.

The game kicked off, Raglan had their game faces on. Starting with a excellent save from Raglan’s goalie. Moments later, Grange Park dribbled up to the goal and the balled soared into the air, bounced off Raglan’s goalie’s cheek and went in. Gabby bravely carried on despite her cheek hurting alot! Tiffany was very confident and kept the ball close to her boots and with a strong, fierce kick she aimed straight to the right corner of the goal, out of reach of the goalie. A loud victorious, cheer applauded her as the ball smashed into the net. 3-1. Unfortunately they couldn't find another two goals before the end of game.  The Raglan Rebels were disappointed but they knew that they’d done what they could. Well Done Rebels!!

My player of the match Chloe, for some good defending skills and protecting the goal, with all she could.