Relationships Education

This page sets out our approach to Relationships Education and how we developed our policy and scheme. Teachers have now outlined the lessons which make up Unit 3 of the scheme, which will be taught from 24th February 2020. 

Statutory Guidance 

In 2019 the DfE issued new guidance for schools outlining statutory Relationships Education which will become compulsory from September 2020.

The guidance includes Relationships Education for Primary Schools, Relationships and Sex Education for Secondary Schools and Health Education for all schools.


Schools were required to consult with the school community and over six months we set about writing our policy. The process included

  • Initial Survey for teachers and parents
  • Setting up a Working Party including staff, parents and governors
  • Drafting a policy and scheme for wider consultation
  • Online Survey
  • Consultation Meeting
  • School Response to the Survey 
  • Final Policy

We had 189 responses to the online survey and a separate meeting which helped shape the final draft of the policy which was agreed by governors. You can download our response to the consultation here


You can download the final policy here

Unit 3: People Who Care for Me & Respectful Relationships

A small minority of parents are unhappy with some of the content of Relationships Education because it is inclusive of all families including those in same-sex relationships. This unit of work approaches relationships and families at an age-appropriate level and will include all families.

For the first year of the scheme, we have devised 3 units, one each for Years 1&2, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6.  You can see below the outline of the lessons, the vocabulary we have identified and the books/texts we intend to use in the teaching.

As with all lessons sometimes pupils have knowledge that goes beyond the plans that we have and they may share that during discussions. The teachers are trained and skilled to deal with these situations and ensure the teaching stays on track, whilst acknowledging or correcting any misconceptions children may have.

Download Unit 3 Outline here

Right to Withdraw

There is no right to withdraw your child from this part of the curriculum as it became compulsory in September 2020.

Early Years

Whilst children in Early Years do not have formal lessons, they do talk about their families within their curriculum and the teachers will take a similarly inclusive approach and acknowledge that some families look different to others in an age-appropriate way.

Sex Education

It may be obvious to state, but none of this is Sex Education. Some parents are confused about this, but you will see from the plans that it is not. We will deliver a Sex Education unit of work to Year 6 in the Summer Term and as always we will be letting parents know the content of that unit and there will be an opportunity to review the resources. Parents may choose to withdraw their Year 6 pupil out of Sex Education. Further details will be sent in the Summer Term.