Return to School

Returning to School following the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

We will be updating this page to keep parents informed about our plans for more children to return to school. 

The school has remained open since 24th March providing free childcare and support to children of critical workers and some children with EHCPs and other vulnerable pupils. 

The school has welcomed back pupils in Year 1, Year 6 Nursery and Reception from Thursday 4th June attending for two days a week.

We are now preparing for Phase 2 to open wider to pupils in Years 2-5 starting on 22nd June. 

Phase 2 - Letter and Video

Letter to all parents/carers - 12th June 2020

Parent/Carer Update - 17th June 2020

Drop off and Collection Times and Locations (updated 28/6/20)




Phase 1 - Information & Letters

Letter to all Parents/Carers - 25th May 2020

Email - 27th May 2020 - YN, YR, Y1, Y6

Letter to all Parents/Carers confirming start dates - 29th May 2020

Parent Update - 2nd June

Parent Update - 3rd June 

Protective Measures & Arrangements




Questions & Answers

We have a long list of Q&As, which will be updated, you can submit a question here or on your return to school response form. 

New updated Q&As from parents (updated 29th May)

I would like to know if homeschooling will still be available for children who will not be returning. Thank you 

Home learning will continue to be posted online for all pupils and children will either complete the work at school or at home.

Will the children be paired with friends or children moving to the same secondary school (where possible)? 

Children in year 6 will be staying in their class groups, but where there are children going to the same secondary within the class we will try to put them together.

I have a child in year 1 and year 6. Will it be arranged so they both attend on the same days? 

Yes we are making this a priority for grouping. 

Will sports be played on the field? 

There will be some PE lessons and games on the field but they will be limited and centred around activities that have reduced contact.

I hope my 1 year old will be returning to his childminder at the same time (they will also be adopting new measures') Is this a problem? 

This is fine and to be expected that siblings will also start returning to different schools or early years settings and childminders. Everyone is expected to follow the guidelines to reduce the risk. Whilst the concept of the bubbles reduces the risk it doesn't eliminate it. 

Just wondering how it would work for the Nursery children who were attending for 15 hours a week only. Would they perhaps have a different start time of the day too?  

Nursery pupils who were attending 5 mornings can attend for two days (so 12 hrs). Anyone who was paying for additional hours will not be expected to pay.

Can I ask that the school gives us weekly updates? 

There will be a regular parent update, we will be open and transparent with parents so they can make informed decisions. The school will be mindful of the rights to privacy when sharing information. 

If my child does not return till September, can they return to their original class and make a transition in September with their new teacher and class at a later date? 

We will be giving parents further information on transition, however, it is very unlikely we will be delaying the move up to new year groups. There are a number of complications to the idea such as teachers who have left or moved year groups, the new starters in Reception and Nursery and starting those transitions. 

Is phase one only two days a week 

As outlined in the first letter, in order to offer a small cautious start it is not possible for us to bring all 450 pupils back in phase one in half classes. This would also not leave any room or staff for Years 2-5.

Can I change my mind and withdraw my child?

Of course, I think we will all be keeping an eye on the situation and it has not been ruled out that the school may choose to close again if the local or national situation declines. 

How are you managing toilet use to minimise transmission of infection? 

Children will only be permitted one at a time from going to the toilet from each bubble so that should reduce the traffic. As playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered there will be no 'bulge' points. There is a regular cleaning rota in place to keep cleaning the touchpoints (taps, handles, toilet seats)

Can my child bring a packed lunch 

Of course some parents may prefer to send children with their own lunch rather than have a school meal. The catering company has shared their guidance for staff so that meals can be cooked safely following the appropriate guidelines. Children will be staggered at lunch and will served at the table rather than queue up etc. Alternatives to key touchpoints (cutlery, water jug, salad bar utensils) will be in operation.

Are staff in more than one bubble? 

Some staff will be doing 2 bubbles, primarily because this gives us enough staff to extend further into phase 2. We also think the pupils coming back to their own class teacher was important. We recognise that should a problem occur with that member of staff then it does affect two bubbles rather than one. 


Original Q&As

Why are children not returning full time?  

Our school is too big to offer full time in the first instance when our priority is to ensure the safety of children, parents and staff. If all children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 come back in groups of 15, they would fill up almost all the classroom spaces, leaving no space for any other year groups. Over half the children would not have their current class teacher or be in their classroom. It would also mean 1000 children and parents coming to the site each day. This is not a small, cautious start.

Why is Phase One for Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6?  

The Government has requested those year groups as these are key year groups. We think all year groups are just as important. However, we think that the scientific evidence,  which has not been fully explained, suggests that the younger the child, the lower the risk. Year 6 has probably been added so they can prepare for the transition to secondary school.

Will my child be missing out if they don’t return?   

Parents have to balance their own views of whether it is safe to return to school against the potential benefits. Children will see their friends and staff and gain some sense of routine and normality. Each child and family will have their own personal circumstances and this is why parents need to make the decision that is in the best interests of their child and their family. The work will be the same work posted online with additional PSHE and PE sessions plus some fun, games and creative lessons. Some lessons will focus on preparing for next year.

My child has an underlying health condition, should they return to school?  

If your child has an underlying health condition, you are advised to consult with your GP before making that decision. They will be returning two days a week in a small protected group so contact with others will be limited as far as it can be. However, every circumstance will be different and you should take advice if needed.

What are the start and finish times?  

Closer to the time we will let you know the details for your year group. There will be set times and gates for arriving and departing school so we can space everybody out. Some years may start and finish slightly earlier or later than the typical school day. Although this may be difficult for some parents, measures must be put in place to reduce the number of people on the site at any one time

Will you be ensuring there is 2-metre distancing?  

This will be difficult to achieve, especially with younger children, so other protective measures are in place as highlighted in the video. However, where possible we will encourage staff and older children and parents to maintain a 2-metre distance.

Can my child attend a year group bubble and the Essential childcare bubble on other days?  

Unfortunately not. If parents require more than 2 days and are critical workers, then the child will need to be in one of the ECAS bubbles. Bubbles are not allowed to mix under the protective measures.

What will happen at lunchtimes?  

Lunchtimes will be staggered so bubbles can sit apart. Hot dinners will be available or children can bring their own lunch. Nursery will remain in the Nursery building for lunch so will need to bring their own lunch, where possible we will encourage this to be in an outside space. Care and attention will be given to cutlery, cups and all aspects of sharing will be removed.

How will you help parents keep 2 metres apart?  

When travelling to school and when on the site, parents are asked to maintain a 2-metre distance. There will be markings on the ground to help you, especially if queuing to drop off and pick up. We politely ask that only one adult comes onto the school site and where possible siblings stay home, to reduce the number of people on site

Will there be a fruit snack?  

No, however children can bring their own fruit snack to school

What does my child need to bring to school?  

Children should come to school with the minimum amount of belongings as possible. No toys will be permitted and bags discouraged. They will not need a PE kit, so comfortable shoes are encouraged. During this unusual period children can wear trainers, they do not need to be black. Children MUST bring a named water bottle to school. This will be sent home daily and must be cleaned before returning.

What should my child wear?  

School uniform will be expected, so we get a sense of normality, but we understand that there may be difficulties some days. We also recognise so close to the end of the year children are likely to have grown out of things but please stick as close to the uniform expectations as possible. Children should also be prepared to be outside more, so a sunhat is essential and suncream if they are able to apply it themselves, otherwise please apply before school.

Will my child meet their new teacher for next year?  

We will be thinking about how we introduce the new teachers to children, this may be done in person or virtually via Google Meet, or both. However, please be assured we recognise this is an anxious time for children and we have many ideas about how we can try to ensure a smooth transition.

What will happen if someone in the bubble is ill?  

If a child is ill they should not attend school and should let us know by 09:30. If your child is feeling ill at school then we will let you know. If they display the symptoms of Coronavirus then we will separate them from the bubble and look after them until you arrive to collect them. Staff will wear protective PPE when looking after any child with symptoms.

Do I need to report absence?  

If you have told us on the Return to School form that your child is not coming back before Summer, then you do not need to report their absence each day. If your child is coming back and is absent, then please use the Absence Form to report it by 09:30

Does my child have to come back to school?  

It is a parental choice, there will be no repercussions for parents who do not send their child to school.

What will happen with Home Learning?  

This will continue as it has done, but teachers are likely to be at school more and less online responding each day.

Will they have their class teacher? 

We hope in most cases children will have their class teacher, however some staff will not be able to return to school because of health reasons. Some may be returning on a restricted timetable due to precautions.

Will the adults be the same in the Bubble each day?  

This is the plan, however, if a member of staff is ill or not available then there may be a change. However, we will be trying to keep it the same for Phase 1

What happens if someone tests positive for Coronavirus?  

Any pupil or member of staff who tests positive for Coronavirus will be expected to sell-isolate for at least 7 days. The bubble will be expected to self-isolate for 14 days. If the adult is positive then any Bubble they have had close contact with will need to self-isolate.

Can my child wear a mask?  

We won’t stop a pupil wearing a mask. However, no adult will be able to assist with the mask in any way. It is also essential your child knows how to dispose of their mask and wear it correctly. Our experience tells us that the mask will not stay on a child for very long in the classroom setting and we will not force a child to wear one if they take it off.

Can my child bring sanitiser gel to school? 

Yes if they can manage this themselves, it may be a good idea to have their own supply to use as and when they need it. However, hand washing with soap and water will be our preferred option with the gel used for incidental moments (sneezing in class etc).

What PPE will the staff be using?  

The Government guidance says most staff do not need PPE, however we will have a supply of PPE for times when it may be needed such as intimate care, first aid and dealing with a child who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus. Staff have the choice to wear their own PPE should they choose to.

When will the next review be?  

The next review will be in 3 weeks by the 18th June. If you do not choose to send your child back in phase 1 you may decide that phase 2 would work better for your child.

Will Raglan Wrap Club restart 

No, we are unable to restart the club as it does not currently fit the protective measures suggested.

Will there be any clubs?  


Will there be any trips or visitors? 

No trips or organised visitors to school will take place. Some professionals may access the school to carry out assessments, but individual parents will be made aware of these. 

Will there be PE, Music and Art? 

These subjects will be covered in each bubble and taught by the teacher or TA within the bubble. These lessons all use shared resources and we will be thinking of alternatives or ways to clean resources between being used by different Bubbles.

Will there be assessments and a school report? 

Teachers completed their Spring teacher assessment and have written a progress update comment. This will be shared with you in due course. There will be no statutory assessments and no Summer progress report.