Rhinos Charge through the tournament!


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On the Friday 16th of November, The Raglan Rhinos faced a tag rugby tournament at the Enfield Ignatians' ground. The weather was cold and windy,  perfect conditions to play Tag Rugby.  The All Blacks played many teams from many schools, this is how they got on.

Raglan Rhinos All Blacks Vs Eversley

The first match ended with the All Blacks having a great start to their group , they opened the scoring and carried on to win the whole game . The All Blacks stuck together in their first match to score tries altogether and Eversley got 3, so the game ended 7-3 to the Rhinos.

Raglan Rhinos All Blacks vs. Merryhills 2

The All Blacks blew up the game as they stomped over Merryhills 2's by beating them 9 tries to 1. 

Raglan Rhinos All Blacks vs. Hazelbury

The All Blacks were hard competitors against Hazelbury but all the hard work paid off during that match as they won 7-3, making it 3 wins out of 3.

Raglan Rhinos All Blacks vs. Keys Meadow

One of the hardest games for The All Blacks was against Keys Meadow who also made it to the semi finals in the end.  Luckily they just edged ahead in the match with just 2 tries more than Keys Meadow, ultimately making the score 6-4 to The All Blacks.

Raglan Rhinos All Blacks vs. Brimsdown

Firing at the top of the table, The All Blacks completed their group grand slam by finishing off Brimsdown  7 tries to 1.   The Rhinos then faced their toughest game of the tournament so far as they progressed to the Semi Finals.

Semi Final:

Raglan Rhinos All Blacks vs. Merryhills 1

The game suddenly got really interesting. There was so much drama with both schools seeming inseparable as try after try was scored.  However with only moments to go one of the Merryhills players dropped the ball for a knocking on allow Finley to quickly grab the ball and score the winning the try! 5-4 to the All Blacks and into the final they went to play the mighty St Andrews.  Raglan's greatest tag rugby rivals.


Raglan Rhinos All Blacks Vs St Andrews

Right at start, St Andrews charged up the field with a quick try.  Soon after, the Rhinos played through the cracks and Zac won out a try for Raglan . As the game carried on, the tries went from side to side as Charlie levelled it to 2 tries to 2. After Charlie, Ava and Finlay both grabbed more tries for the Rhinos,  the Rhinos went into the break level.   Soon after the restart Trejourn decively made the tag of the tournament with a fall strecthed dive, which resulted in St Andrews dropping the ball.  "Knock on!" Shouted the referee.   The All Blacks now had the advantage.  A sensational try from Evie moments later made the game 7-6 to the Rhinos.  As the final whistle blew,  there were wild celebrations as the Rhinos retained the Enfield Tag Rugby Tournament! 

Player of the tournament:

Charlie was a phenomenal captain for the team, always scoring tries and encouraging his team to the final.