The Robins start the season with a win!

Firs-Farm started with the ball, which was shortly lost to Amara from Raglan. Our team started off with some quick passing around the court. Eleanor luckily scored the first goal. The second goal was also scored by Eleanor. Within five minutes into the game,Raglan were winning 3-0. The third goal was remarkably scored by Scarlett. Finally, Firs-Farm grabbed the hold of the ball.Then they took their shot, but sadly missed. Ava amazingly tackled the centre player of Firs-Farm and swiftly passed to Holly. She then bounce passed to Scarlett,who scored the final goal before the half time whistle.

The score was 4-0 to the Robins.

The second half had began. Firs-Farm had the ball, until Emeke took a leap of faith, captured the ball in mid air and passed the ball to Elenor. An encore for Eleanor, scoring another three excellent goals Putting them into the lead 7-0. With unbelievably great passing, from Ava, Scarlett managed to score the best clean eighth goal (through the hoop)on the court! Despite Firs Farm’s defeat,their centre player was superb at marking, commented Evie at the end the end of the match. The ending score was 8-0 to the Raglan Robins

The Raglan Girls Netball Team went home, heads held high,with a massive win in their first match of the season!