Raglan Start with 2 Wins

Sports Journalist

The Raglan Robins played their first Netball Matches on Wednesday 3rd Oct.

Our first match was against Eldon School, the score being a brilliant 6-4! The game started off with great passing and control from the Robins. They had 3 close shots on goal but unfortunately did not score. Raglan's first point started with a great interception from Miriam, which gave the Robins had control of the ball following smooth passes to each other. Mrs Andrews (our referee) decided a toss up, as players from both sides tried desperately to get the ball.  Ava grabbed the ball and shot straight into the net, Raglan had scored their first goal.  Eldon school had the ball but with an amazing interception by Evie, we had the ball back in our possession. Ava scored a second goal and went on to score four more goals. Eldon attempted a come back with four goals was  to be. Robins win with a score of 6-4! Go Raglan Robins!

The second match was against St Edmunds and was just as exciting.  Ava took control again with a goal after great passing by the Robins. St Edmunds school gained possession of the ball, but Phebe took back the ball for Raglan. Ava scored five more goals one after the other. There was another toss up, Matilda is quick and ready for the ball and gained immediate possession. After more passes by Chloe, Ellinan, and the rest of the team, we lose possession and St Edmonds score two goals. Raglan scored our last goal making the team the winners with 7-2 score. Well done Robins!