Roses Battle Bravely

Sports Journalist

Roses V Eversley

On Thursday 22nd of November, the Raglan Roses took on Eversley school in a friendly match drawing with Eversley 1-1 but sadly losing to their other team 8-1.

1st match:

As soon as the Raglan Roses entered the pitch they knew this match was going to be tough.

Eversley used a wide range of space and passing, but the roses quickly intercepted but sadly didn’t manage to keep possession. Eversley followed up with a goal that the Roses goalkeeper Talya had no chance of saving. Later on in the match,the Roses had given Eversley 2  goals taking the score up to 0-3 to Eversley.  Getting more frustrated by the minute, the Roses made a comeback to Eversley with a surprise goal by Ava taking the score up to 1-3 to Eversley. 

In the second half, the Roses struggled  to maintain possession and space unlike the first half, and let in two goals leaving the score 1-5.  We had some amazing tackles by Immaani (defender) but unfortunately it wasn't enough as Eversley finished as 8-1 winners in the end.

2nd match:

After a deadly defeat, the Roses started their second match. In this match they played exceptionally well intercepting at every opportunity they had. Just before  half time, mid- fielder, kaya, scored leaving the score at half time,1-0.Half -time. Soon after Eversley started with the ball,they got a penalty which they scored leaving the score 1-1.After the Roses kickoff, they were playing harder by the minute. They had several close shots towards Eversley’s goalkeeper, but sadly didn’t manage to score at all in the second half and left the pitch drawing with Eversley with a spectacular score of  1-1.