Democracy in Action at The Raglan Schools!

The Raglan Schools have a very enthusiastic and committed School Council.

This year each class has elected 1 School Councillor and a Deputy. This means that we have 4 School councillors from each year group. The role of the Deputy is to stand in when a school Councillor is absent, and to deliver class meetings with the School Councillor.

Amongst their many tasks last year, the School Council produced The Raglan School Joke book in aid of ComicRelief, generated playground behaviour guidelines and judged the Circus Drawing competition.

Click here to find out about our work on Our School Values.

For anti-bullying week the Raglan School Council have been working very hard researching, creating and editing their own anti-bullying leaflet. Each class has been given a copy of our leaflet to learn more about what bullying is and strategies to use if you are being bullied. 
Click here to see our Raglan Anti-bullying leaflet.