Springboks Battle Bravely

Sports Journalist

Raglan Rhinos Springboks vs Merryhills 1

The springboks faced a tough opening match against a very strong Merryhill first team, losing out 6-3 in the end.   Mikey's l three tries were a real positive though as the Springboks battle back from 3-0 down.

Raglan Rhinos Springboks vs St George's

In this match, the Springboxes went up against a strong St George's team.  fortunately some excellent attacking and defending gave them their first victory of the tournement as the game ended Rhinos 5-4 St George's.

Raglan Rhinos Springboks vs St Andrew's

Another very challenging match followed against the Rhinos biggest rivals.  St Andrew's were in a very competitive mood and ruthlessly took advantage of some Springboks mistakes to win take the match 5-4.  St Andrew's ended up making it all the way to the final to play the All Blacks.

Raglan Rhinos Springboks vs Raynahm

The Springboks took out their revenge on Raynahm school by winning 7-3.  Some excellent play by Sophie and captain Molly proved too much for the Raynahm defenders.

Raglan Rhinos Springboks vs Galliard

After their fantastic win against Rayham, the Springboxes narrowly lost out to Galliard school. It was a close match and the Springboxes tried their best but unfortunately it wasn't enough. The score was 5-4 to Galliard.

Raglan Rhinos Springboks vs Hazelwood

The Springboks ended up finishing 4th their group of 7 giving one last game against Hazelwood who finished 4th in the other group.  In a very tight and competitive game the Rhinos game out victorious with a hard fought 4-3 win.