Welcome to the Summer Newsletter

It's been another busy year at Raglan with some great achievements and many things to celebrate. Click on news items below to read more. 

New Nursery

Our biggest project this year was building the new Nursery and kick starting the 30 hour offer for our pupils. The project was completed on time and on budget and we were able to start the offer from February, which has gone well. From September we will extend to 90 pupils and with over 140 applications, there was considerable interest. This means that the school will have additional income, which is critical at a time when our budget is under pressure. A few people have asked if we had a grant to pay for the Nursery, in fact we saved some money and took a loan from the local authority. However, the additional funding for the extra pupils and extra hours will cover those repayments. 

With EYFS, the outdoor aspects are as important as the indoor and we worked with the designers to create a natural looking environment using existing features. The curriculum is covered both inside and out with many opportunities for learning through creative play. 

You can read more about our Nursery in the new Nursery Brochure - download it here.


Admission to the Nursery is via Enfield Borough Council with the next round of applications opening later this year for starting Nursery in September 2019. Pupils must turn 4 years old in the academic year from September 2019 to August 2020.

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