Schools are required to publish how many of their pupils are able to swim 25m when they leave Year 6.   At Raglan we offer our pupils swimming lessons in Year 4 to support them with their swimming.   We have recently reduced the number of lessons that our pupils receive in the Year 4 due to the very high cost of lessons.  Despite the decrease in lessons, the number of pupils swimming 25m has stayed the same.   This leads us to believe that the lessons alone do not make the biggest impact in ensuring all pupils can swim 25m.

We have found that pupils able to swim 9m at the beginning of Year 4 learn to swim 25m by the end of the swimming lessons.   Non Swimmers or those unable to swim 9m at the beginning of Year 4 can usually achieve 9m, but struggle to achieve 25m.

Therefore it is really important that our pupils are given plenty of opportunities start swimming before they undertake the school lessons in Year 4.  Below you will see the details of local swimming pools that offer family swimming sessions and swimming lessons.

  • Southbury Leisure Centre, 192 Southbury Rd, Enfield EN1 1YP
  • Edmonton Leisure Centre, 2 The Broadway, London N9 0TR
  • Albany Leisure Centre, 505 Hertford Rd, Enfield EN3 5XH
  • Arnos Pool,  269 Bowes Rd, Arnos Grove, London N11 1BD

if you have any questions about swimming, please speak to Mr Flett.

Swimming Data 2018/19

69.7% of pupils were able to swim 25m and perform a safe reach rescue 

72.3% of pupils were able to swim 25m

72.3% of pupils were able to swim using a variety of strokes

88.2% of pupil were able to swim 9m