The Roses Roll Full Of Spirit

Sports Journalist

The match kicked off at 2:00 PM Thursday 15th November on the Raglan school field, where the clouds hovered above the pitch as a cold breeze gently swayed. The Roses were playing the mighty Grange Park.

Raglan kicked off as they started passing to the back, unfortunately the Roses quickly lost possession. Without thinking Grange Park went on a counter attack. The number 9 lead the way when she passed it to her teammate who later took the shoot but just wide! Keeping most of the possession Raglan ran with the ball until Yasmin tried to curve in the corner but it slid into the keepers hands. Seconds before the half time whistle grange park got the ball and then the number 20 crosses the ball to the number 11 who took a shot and Talya jumped to tip the ball over the bar making the referee blow the whistle for the half time.


Something big clicked at the half time break because Raglan sprinted forward firing shots at the goal,but none of them hit the back of the net. Until Mia W. took the shot sending the keeper of its line to stretch and push it on the post making fly out for a corner. The Roses took the  corner quickly going to the front post but no one made any connection forcing Grange Park try and clear it but before they could even think about it, Kaya ran into the box with speed and fired the ball like a rocket into the back of the net.


Quickly Grange Park tried to recover,but every shot was saved or went wide. Seconds felt like hours for Grange Park until the number 11 took the shot placing it in the corner but it took a heavy deflection by one of the  Roses defenders sending it into the net.


Raglan were distraught but their heads were held high but unfortunately the whistle was blown.